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Inflation can happen all over on a sexy woman’s body. Tentacles will push deep inside to pump them full of slime, causing her belly to swell heavier and tighter until she is looking Pregnant. Sometimes cum can be so potent that once it enters a fertile womb, the girl will become rapidly pregnant in only a manner of seconds or minutes.

Not even Shemales are safe from inflation. Parasites, or even pills may cause their initially fat balls to expand to immense sizes, allowing them to pump gallons worth of cum into a lucky girl’s belly.

There’s all manners of inflation within some of Thomas Pike’s hottest erotica stories!

Shemale Fucking Her Horse’s Cock

Sexy farm girl Belle spends all of her free time with the horse Jack. He’s always there for her when she’s feeling down. Today, the sight of his hardening cock was enough to cause a fat bulge to grow within her tight shorts. Unable to control herself, she strips down and gets to work. Realizing that she just might be able to fit inside of his meaty shaft, her dick had never throbbed so hard before.

Exploding Out Of Her Panties

A sexy shemale with a peculiar condition struggles to fit into society because anytime she grows aroused, she has to unload her pants before they blow!

Futanari Tentacle Cave

Looking for a cave filled with a slimy beast, a futanari knight gets filled to the brim with tentacles while rescuing a damsel in distress.

Juicy Shemale Treat

With an insatiable appetite for her shemale lover’s seed, Angela orders some pills online that greatly increase the production of her treat.