Teaching Her Daughter How To Mount

The book cover of "Teaching Her Daughter How To Mount" written by erotica author Thomas Pike.

Book Summary

Years ago, Kelly got pregnant while letting her dog mount her. On her daughter's 18th birthday, she sits her down to tell explain why Lily has a dog's sheath and balls. Things heat up quickly, and before she knows it, Kelly is completely nude on Lily's bed, presenting her ass to her daughter to mount it. Will everything go according to plan without Kelly getting impregnated by another canine cock?

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There was something about having no clothes on, and sitting right next to her mother that was just as bare as her. That, combined with seeing her first ever pussy, and feeling her mother rubbing her thigh caused a nice sensation to build between her legs. Her breathing also picked up a bit, her heart beating faster.

“Not really, though...” It got to the point where she felt something shifting between her legs, and when she looked down, she saw something red that glistened in the light. Her canine dick was starting to come to life, emerging from her smooth sheath.

Kelly noticed it too, knowing she needed to hurry and remedy the situation. “Aww, honey. I think we might have had too thorough of a lesson if you’re feeling aroused.” But as she watched it slowly but surely reveal itself, even she was beginning to feel aroused. It didn’t help that it reminded her of her old canine lover.

Lily gulped. “Yeah, though it does kind of… feel nice.” Lily admitted, blushing even brighter. “I can feel it growing bigger, and I think it’s starting to… throb.”

The red organ grew until it rested on Lily’s thigh. It did stop growing, but was still at a respectable size. Since she was in fact part dog, it likely wouldn’t grow completely until it was enveloped by warm, fleshy walls.

Kelly couldn’t help but stare at it intently. “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have another lesson. One that will help calm you down.” She said, retrieving her hand so she didn’t accidentally touch the canine dick. “Don’t be afraid. Reach down and play with it. It’ll feel nice.”

Nodding her head, Lily carefully grabbed onto her halfway grown dick, causing her to jump. “Ahh, it’s too sensitive!” Lily yelped.

Kelly couldn’t help but giggle. “I think I know just the thing. I’ll be right back.” Kelly rushed out of the room, her ass and breasts bouncing all over. She returned with a bottle of lube that she seldomly used whenever she played with herself. “Here, smear it all over your hand and try again.” Opening the bottle, she squeezed a sizeable glob into Lily’s hand.

“Thanks, mom.” Lily said, smearing it all over her hand.

With her hand nice and slick now, she reached back down. Her dick was still quite sensitive, but it didn’t overwhelm her when she gripped herself. She could feel her red organ throb within her light grip, causing it to grow just a bit more.

“Wow, it does feel really nice.” Lily began rubbing her hand up and down her slightly rigid length, getting it completely coated in lube. “How long should I rub it?”

“As long as you’d like, dear.” Kelly answered. Although she was still acting on her motherly instincts, she was still getting turned on more and more from the spectacle. It’d take all of her restraint just to not play with herself. But since her daughter was playing with herself, why couldn’t she as well…

For the next five minutes, Lily stroked her dick until she got into a good rhythm. Her body shuddered lightly whenever she stimulated the head, causing a bit of her own juices to flow. While it did feel nice, she never got close enough to feel an impending climax brewing within her depths.

“I think I’m done.” Lily said to her mother’s disappointment.

“Actually, I think you should keep going. Something really nice happens if you go long enough.” Kelly suggested, feeling extremely horny by now. “Here, I’ll even help you with it.” Without questioning herself, Kelly gripped her daughter’s red cock and began jerking it steadily.

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