Taking Her Dog’s Bone


When Nicole went out and bought a dog, she got a surprise to learn that "Daisy" was actually male. When night came, she got an even bigger surprise when her new pet transformed into a young, sexy woman! Daisy acted very much like a dog even in human form, but then the biggest surprise of the night came when the hot, innocent shifter had a VERY BIG secret between her human legs.

Will Nicole be able to control her lust over her transformed pet's succulent body, or will she give them a thorough, hands-on lesson in mating?

This 4800 word erotica short contains female on shemale, shemale on female, dog shifter, oral, first time, creampie.


I slowly slid my hand up her shaft, then back down just before reaching her hot, swollen glans. Her face contorted, chest heaving like mad. Without speeding up, I kept tending to her until she composed herself.

That feels….. Amazing!” She said, sitting up to watch me closely. “I don’t see how this makes a puppy though.”

I laughed, forgetting just how innocent she could be. “That’s where these come in.” I said, reaching all the way down to cup her tight, fat balls. “They’re full of hot, creamy, puppy seed that gets blasted into a female.”

Seed? Blast? How does that work?” She asked.

Every bit of her curiosity made me grow hotter and hotter, feeling like I would explode into orgasm without even touching myself. “If you want, I can give you a quick demonstration tonight!”

That would be wonderful!” She said.

You’d better lay back down then!” I said, then started stroking her again.

Daisy fell back, quickly returning to panting and having her tongue hang loose. The first bits of pre cum oozed out of her, helping with my process of speeding up. My hand went all the way to the bottom, and now, clear up to her glans. Every time that I slid over her smooth, red head, she let out a low growl of pleasure.

For the next five minutes, I pumped her cock faster and faster until the room filled with sloshing noises. She didn’t speak the whole time, only able to rock her head and pant like it was the middle of summer. Finally, just when I thought my arm would fall off, I saw her belly tense up, then her legs began to shake.

Nicole, it feels like… oh, something is happe-OOHHH!” Daisy let loose a hearty growl as her back arched.

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