Shemale’s Nighttime Incest With Her Mother

The book cover of "Shemale's Nighttime Incest With Her Mother" written by erotica author Thomas Pike.

Unable to sleep, the sexy shemale Ashley slips into her mother's bed. Being so close to her mother's hot body causes Ashley's cock to engorge and throb immensely within her panties. Having missed her husband's dick for so long, Caroline reached down and grasped her daughter's thick shaft. Will Ashley be able to resist the temptation to thrust into her mom and pump her full of hot, creamy cum?

The gentle massage was the perfect thing that Ashley needed. She could feel herself slowly lull into a deep sleep. But before the innocent embrace could stay as such, caressing another warm body started to affect her in one of the worst ways possible. Just as she was about to doze off, she felt herself engorging within her panties.

The young girl’s heart skipped another beat, then beat heavily as adrenaline surged through her system. She tried her best to clear her mind and think about something else, but nothing worked. All she could do was lay there perfectly still, waiting for the moment that her mother would tell her to leave.

After a minute had passed, Ashley’s panties were bulging immensely, pushing against her mother’s lower belly. Not only did it become hard and thick, but also throbbed madly from her beating heart. She wanted to just slip away back into her own bed, hoping her mother didn’t notice, but her body was frozen in place.

“Is something wrong Ashley?” Her mother asked. “You’re breathing a lot faster, and you’ve gone… stiff.” Though in that moment, she was referencing her daughter’s arm.

She was so embarrassed in that moment, Ashley wanted to just die. “D-don’t you feel it mom? Snuggling with you probably isn’t a good idea anymore...” She said, sighing. “There’s no way I can sleep like this now.”

Caroline chuckled. “Oh honey, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You just have a lot of raging hormones since turning 18.” The older woman found the situation funny if anything. But as she laid there feeling that hot organ throbbing against her body, it was becoming hard to think straight. Especially since she’s missed her ex-husband’s cock for such a long time. She continued rubbing her daughter’s back, but with a bit more effort put into it now.

The backrub was so nice that Ashley couldn’t find the energy to leave her mother’s side. “I know, but… it’s just so wrong.” It was a miracle that her panties had stayed in one piece up to this point. Although transitioned, she kept her giant cock that was surely passed down by her father. “Doesn’t it bother you, having it… you know, touching you?”

Caroline giggled. “Don’t be silly. I was used to having your father’s pressing into me all the time… though it’s been some time since I’ve felt something so...” The older woman paused, biting her lip, but then decided to continue. “Hard and hot in bed with me.”

Ashley immediately blushed. “Mom, you know I don’t want to hear that!”

With her own heart beating madly now, Caroline finally made up her mind. She had been without cock for so long that it was impossible to resist. Slipping her hand out from under her daughter’s shirt, she guided it down between their bodies, grasping tightly onto Ashley’s bulge. It immediately reacted with a heavy throb, and she felt the fabric turn wet near the head.

“Mom, w-what are you doing!?” Ashley gasped. That was the moment any sane girl would have escaped the clutches of their aroused mother, but she still could not make herself do so.

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