Getting Knotty In Bed: Animal Dickgirl Twins Book 2

The book cover shows two attractive young women standing close to each other. They are wearing dark bras and panties. Text is overlaid on the image, displaying the book title, author name, and what themes are contained within the erotica story.
The book cover of "Getting Knotty In Bed" written by erotica author Thomas Pike.

After their first incestual encounter, Cindy and Hanna simply couldn't get enough of each other, or the bestial cocks they had. Unable to sleep one night, Hannah sneaks into her sister's bed, pressing her dog sheath against Cindy's warm, bare cheeks. Will Cindy get a restful nights sleep, or will she moan through the night as her horse dick and prostate quake from having her tight ass knotted?

Contains: Twin Sisters, Shemale/Dickgirl, Incest, Dog Dick, Horse Cock, Knotting, Creampie, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Prostate Milking, and two girls trying their best to not wake their mother in the middle of the night as they scream in ecstasy.

While Hannah was having trouble with sleeping, she also was feeling rather horny. She began rubbing the side of her sister’s body, running it along her lovely curves. Cindy could tell her sister was up to something, but tried to ignore it in hopes it’d stop. She felt a hand finding its way down onto her belly to rub it with soft strokes. It was all a nice massage and she couldn’t help but enjoy it, even if she was wanting to simply sleep.

Everything seemed innocent enough until Cindy felt her sister’s hips gently bucking against her butt, leading to something hot and slick making itself apparent. “You can’t possibly be wanting to fool around while...” Her voice trailed off when the throbbing presence slowly but surely parted her warm cheeks. The thickening intruder aimed right for her untouched hole, making her gasp right as it made contact. “Hannah, you naughty girl. I know you’ve been wanting to take me back there, but not tonight.”

Hannah playfully whimpered. “Relax. You don’t even have to do anything tonight.” She kept gyrating her hips as her halfway engorged dick tried it’s best to slip inside. “Just lay there and let me handle everything.”

Cindy had liked the idea of getting her ass knotted, so she found it particularly hard to say no. “Okay… Don’t be too rough, or we might wak-” She wasn’t prepared at all when Hannah’s molten hot organ finally broke into her back entrance. Her ass clenched tight around it in response, causing it to swell in record time. “MMPH, too big!” She cried out under the covers to help muffle her words.

As for Hannah, she couldn’t tell if her sister’s ass felt more incredible to split open, or how her horse cock had previously. “You feel so nice Cindy. No matter where I split you open.” She steadily thrust her hips until every inch of her length was inside. As it engorged further, she felt it slither even deeper like a snake hunting for prey. Once it maxed out in length and thickness, her knot came to life. “Oh Cindy, you feel that? I’m knotting your tight ass.”

Cindy had been lying there biting her lip, trying her best to not moan. The hot, thick mass stuffed into her ass throbbed like mad as the knot stretched her wider and wider. During this whole time, she had somehow remained flaccid herself. But when the fat knot began pressing into her prostate, it awoke the slumbering beast.

“Y-your knot, it’s...” Cindy began panting as her prostate started pulsating from the sudden stimulation. She couldn’t hold herself still, trembling under the covers as newfound sensations bombarded her body. “God, take it out before I scream!” She clasped a hand around her mouth to hopefully block anything that might wake their mother.

“It’s too late for that, I’m already stuck!” Hannah said, not feeling bothered one bit by that fact.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, Cindy felt a hand slide down between her legs. It found her horse sheath, then began probing the opening with a finger. Her dick had somehow stayed soft to this point, but when her probing sister penetrated her leaking opening, a rush of blood hit her between the legs. She had never felt herself swell so quickly before, feeling like a snake was slithering up along the front side of her body and between her breasts. It pulsed and throbbed more intensely as it hardened, bobbing back and forth as the knot milked her prostate.

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