Shemale’s Stiff Drink


Jess was tired of her job and looking for the right man to accept her, until she ran into Lily. Meeting her at a club was enough to convince Jess that she didn't need a man, but a SMOKING HOT VIXEN who didn't mind the HUGE SURPRISE WITHIN JESS's PANTS, one that ALWAYS WANTED TO BE FILLED WITH HER THICKNESS. Her bedroom gets filled with SCREAMS OF ECSTASY as they get PLEASURED ALL NIGHT LONG.

This 5100 word erotica short contains shemale-on-female, female-on-shemale, lesbian, riding, oral, extreme size.


Internally celebrating the perfectly timed distraction, Jess ordered both of them a strong drink. Unfortunately for her, it would make her mouth unseal over time.

Talking to each other some more over an hour while having their drinks, Lily asked “So what did you mean earlier that your looks weren’t what men disapproved of?”

The alcohol made Jess not care about revealing the secret anymore “If you don’t tell anyone, I will let you know.” Jess said while moving in close for a whisper.

Lily enjoyed the way that Jess smelled as she moved in closer. The alcohol was also having an effect on her, making women seem more desirable to her. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth went agape as Jess whispered her secret.

While Jess was still close to her, Lily grabbed Jess’s head and began to kiss her. Jess most likely would have backed away if she was completely sober, but didn’t care at the moment and returned it back.

The kiss went on longer than either of them would have expected, until Lily retreated her head. “You’ve been looking for the wrong thing all along. Instead of a man, you just need anyone who will take you for what you are. I will gladly be that person.” Lily said.

Jess couldn’t believe the words from someone she had just met, but knew they were right. She would probably spend years looking for a perfect man, when something even more perfect was right before her this very moment.

“I don’t know what to say, I’m flattered really.”Jess said, and before she could continue, Lily grabbed her hand and led them to the dance floor.

Just like Jess did earlier, Lily went in to whisper “Just let yourself go and enjoy the night. You have someone with you now.”

The two girls started off slowly but eventually sped up as they danced together under all the lighting and loud music. Jess’s mind was still overwhelmed with what was going on, unable to believe that a hot woman could be the one to accept her.

As they danced, they got closer and more erotic, causing her to get a tight feeling in her skirt. Even if she didn’t know what to think of the situation, the bulge forming below was enough of an indicator that she was enjoying everything. It got to the point that it became too much of a distraction to enjoy dancing anymore, and whispered her problem into Lily’s ear.

A delightful smile went across Lily’s face “I think we’ve stayed here long enough tonight, and we should tend to your problem. Let’s get out of here!” Lily said while gently rubbing her hand over the front of her new friend’s skirt, feeling something hard within, begging to come out.

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