Oh Deer! Bucked In The Ass

Book Summary

While out on a lovely stroll through the woods, Emily makes friends with a deer. The doe quickly finds an interest in the large organ she keeps in her pants, so she felt obligated to pull it out. But when a mighty buck in the distance sets its sights on her, Emily quickly learns a big, hard lesson why one should never interrupt the mating season of deer. Will she survive the wrath of the beast?

Contains: extreme anal.

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“You’re such a stubborn, naughty deer...” Emily moaned, her arms weakening as she slowly lost the will to stop what was happening. “Why do you like my pants so much? Are they salty or something?” She pondered, then found herself petting the doe’s head once more.

For the next five minutes, the forest slowly filled with her ever increasing moans. Her jeans were completely soaked now, making it look like she had wet herself. The madly throbbing organ within begged to be released, feeling like it was being crushed within a tight prison. Emily knew it wasn’t right to take advantage of an animal. But if it was licking her all by itself, then how could she be at fault?

“You’re not going to stop licking until I open my pants, are you?” She asked.

Finally giving in to lust, she grasped the button of her jeans and popped it open. The deer was startled when her zipper suddenly shot down all the way. But when it picked up the scent of her wet, bulging underwear, it dove right between the flaps of her jeans to lick at the cotton garment within. One less layer of clothing was enough to double the pleasure, causing Emily’s chest to heave with desire.

“Oh… I hope this isn’t a mistake!” Emily exclaimed, slipping her fingers into the band of her underwear.

Without pushing the deer away first, or trying to stand up, Emily struggled to get her clothes down. Just when she was about to give up, she gasped loudly when she felt the deer’s tongue meet with her cock. Although living as a girl, she still preferred wearing men’s underwear, so now that opening in the front of them came into effect. The deer had pushed its tongue all the way inside, licking up and down a few inches of her length. Realizing that she didn’t have to remove her underwear completely, she quickly went into action to help the doe out.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Emily said as she reached inside of her underwear.

The deer watched her closely as she went to release her dick. Gripping onto it tightly, she tugged it through the opening until it sprung loose, nearly bonking the animal on the nose. The mighty organ towered between her legs, bobbing back and forth as it put the wild creature into a trance. She was leaking heavily, filling the air with an intoxicating scent. Although expected, Emily once again nearly jumped out of her seat when the deer latched onto her.

“Oh god!” She cried out, staring with unblinking eyes at the doe that had swallowed up the first couple inches of her dick within its mouth. “No biting, please!”

Getting her cock bitten right off was a legitimate concern. She could feel teeth above and below her throbbing organ, ready to strike. But when the hungry creature began to suckle on her instead, every bit of fear left her mind.

“Ohh...” Emily moaned deeply as the deer attempted to nurse on her thick cock. It sucked and licked her sensitive glans, bombarding her depths with immense pleasure as it gathered up all the salty sweetness. As more and more pre cum oozed out of her, the deer savored her more intensely.

Filling the forest with wild moans as her chest heaved like mad, Emily had to grip onto the tree underneath her to hold on for dear life. Her hips gently bucked upwards, being careful to not send her dick surging into the animal’s throat. Although she didn’t have any milk to give the hungry creature, it was about to get another creamy type of treat if it didn’t stop.

“Such a naughty little deer...” She moaned while looking deeply into the doe’s eyes. “If you keep going, you’re gonna get a nice, warm snack!”

Emily felt a climax approaching in record time. Her fat, pent up balls tightened within her smooth sac, preparing to unleash the deer’s meal. She had never felt her cock throb so hard before. When her legs began shuddering and her belly tensed up, she couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Oh fuck, here it comes!” Emily screamed at the top of her lungs while arching her back.

When the first, powerful pulsation of her cock blasted out a thick and heavy load of hot, creamy cum, the deer’s mouth filled in an instant. Surprisingly, none of it shot out of the animal’s snout. Gulping it down without trouble, the doe suckled even harder when it finally managed to get something from her dick. Emily’s pleasure about doubled when it did so, and she had to use all of her restraint to not grab onto the animal’s head and force it all the way down on her seed pumping cock.

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