License To Breed – The Nurse

The book cover of "License To Breed - The Nurse" written by erotica author Thomas Pike.

Lexi was at the point that she'd do anything to get a paycheck. Even taking part in a strange fertility program. Somehow, the sexy shemale was more fertile than any of the men that tried out. Now, to get that much desired payment, she was tasked with breeding as many young women she could find. Who was going to be that first lucky girl to get bred and have their belly become heavily pregnant?

Contains transgender, creampie, first time lesbian encounter, and more!

What did I just get myself involved in?

Life has been rough lately. Just lost my job, dating has gone nowhere, and the bills have been piling up. I didn’t want to have to rely on family or friends to get by. Everyday I’ve been scouring through newspapers for job listings, and dropping off resumes everywhere. No one seemed to want even a pretty girl like me. Maybe they knew what I had between my legs. It was pretty big and intimidating, after all.

Finally one day, when I was in the city next to the little town I lived in, I caught a glimpse of a ‘Volunteers Wanted’ sign. Volunteering typically meant that there would be no payment, but it was worth checking out. The sign was on a building that looked very plain. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and walked inside. It just looked like a boring office.

“Hello, may I help you?” A young, pretty girl at the desk greeted me. I may have been straight, but it was hard to deny her beauty.

“Your sign says that you need volunteers?” I answered.

The girl giggled. “Oh, I’m sorry miss. The whole sign says that we’re doing fertility trials. And that we’re only involved in the male side of things.”

With a quick glance around, I saw another sign inside saying the same thing. “Oh… Well, I might still be able to help with that.” I blushed. Was this supposed to be a sperm bank? I doubted they’d want someone like me…

“I don’t underst-” Her eyes grew big. “Oh...” She bit her lip.

“I understand if I’m not qualified. Just been trying to find my next calling.” I stated.

“I mean, all the other volunteers have been tall, handsome, strong men. But the only thing we care about here is sperm count!” The girl exclaimed. There was no doubt she had been flirting with them.

“No guarantees, since hormones and such. But I’ll give it a shot!” I said confidently.

This was definitely the strangest day of my life so far, and it had only begun. I quickly filled out some paperwork, answering questions about my life and anything remotely related to my fertility. They definitely hadn’t expected a girl like me to come waltzing in here, since everything on the questionnaire was clearly for guys! Once I filled it all out, I sat in a waiting area to wait for my name to be called.

As the minutes passed, I saw what was surely a couple of those hot guys coming out of the back. They checked me out as they went by, and I could hear them all flirting with the desk girl before exiting the building. Eventually, another young woman emerged from the back and approached me. She wore a nursing outfit that had a rather short skirt, and she had lovely, long brown hair. I could see why she put her legs on display.

“Lexi… well, this is a surprise.” She said, checking her clipboard a second time.

I laughed. “Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I’m the real deal.”

She looked me up and down. “I bet you are. Shall we?” She pointed the way. “By the way, I’m Olivia.” The nurse-looking woman led me down a hall until we entered a typical examination room. “Before we begin, do you have any questions?”

I nodded my head. “Yeah… What exactly is this trial for? And...” I did a quick little prayer. “Will I be compensated?”

“This is a rather secretive operation, but I can say that if you’re chosen, you will be very much compensated. Now, let’s see what I’m working with here.” Olivia began taking some supplies out of cupboards, then glanced back at me. “That means you can remove your pants.”

My heart skipped a beat. “In front of you? I thought most of these places just had you take a cup into a room by yourself...”

She smiled at me. “We’re more specialized here. It’s not just your sample we need, but your measurements and everything as well.”

I rested my hands on the belt that kept my pants closed, taking a moment to think. This was better than sitting at home doing nothing, so I went ahead. Olivia stood and watched with clipboard in hand as I slowly opened up my pants. She might have been a bit hot, but I was too nervous to grow hard. Slipping them down my smooth legs, I stood there in my panties.

“You need to remove those as well.” She pointed at them.

“Oh, of course...” I bit my lip, slipping my thumbs into the band of my underwear to take them off as well.

My soft dick and fat balls were exposed to the cool air. Olivia moved in close, observing my organs. After jotting a few notes down, she laid down the clipboard then reached a hand out between my legs.

“I need to get a good feel for things, if you’re wanting a good chance at being chosen.” Olivia professionally said, then cupped my tight and heavy orbs.

“Ahh...” A soft moan escaped my lips. “Is… is this what you had to do with those guys I saw earlier?”

As she continued to probe around, she spoke. “Each and every one.” She gave each ball a light squeeze. “Hmm… remarkable capacity...” I heard her mumble.

Even if I was the straightest person on the planet, there was no way I could deny how soft and supple her hands were. The professional caressing had an immediate effect on me, and before I knew it, I was quickly engorging with blood.

“Oh my...” I gasped, gazing at my dick as it swelled before our eyes. It’s initial size was very much deceptive, starting off small only to the grow to monstrous sizes. But there was no way a girl like me could possibly have one bigger than those hot guys from earlier…

The nurse giggled. “No need to be shy. It’s good that you’re getting an erection, as that makes my measurements much easier to get.” Taking her hands off of my sac, she wrote down a bunch more notes. Upon finishing, she lightly took hold of my throbbing cock with a hand. “You have an impressive size, considering...” Her words trailed off, and I thought I could see her blushing.

I had to bite my lip to stifle a deeper moan that wanted to escape into the room. “Y-yes… I’ve been blessed as you can clearly see… and feel.” My shaft throbbed within her grip, begging her to squeeze it tighter. She gently ran her fingers up and down the length all over, making sure to not miss one inch of it. “I hope I’m not too big...” Did I just boast to her?

Ignoring what I had said, she took notes on her board yet again. “Now, to test your sensitivity...” Returning a hand to my pillar of meat, she gripped it somewhat tighter and gave it a very gentle stroke. “Oh, wonderful. You’re already producing pre ejaculate.” She almost sounded excited. “Quite a lot, actually...” Was that bad?

Sure enough, a bit of fresh cream was beginning to ooze out of my tip. It quickly filled the room with an intoxicating aroma. It’d be a miracle if she didn’t fall to it’s spell, enticing her to lean down and have a taste. Since I was still uncut, she had to pull my skin down to expose the bulbous head completely. Once my glans was fully coated with juices and glistened in the light, she rubbed it with a finger. I groaned as she slid across the terribly sensitive surface. My body tensed up and wanted to get away from her, but I stood my ground, bracing myself as the finger returned with another stroke.

“I-I think I’m beyond sensitive!” I groaned louder, feeling what seemed to be an overwhelming bolt of stimulation as her finger made contact again. “Almost painfully so...”

Letting go, she quickly jotted that down. “Very good to hear. Some guys,” She looked up at me, quickly realizing her mistake, “and girls, masturbate so rough and often that they lose a lot of their sensitivity. But not you!”

Olivia was right. I jerked myself here and there, and never really had luck with anyone else, so it made sense why I was highly sensitive. Not to mention being uncut, preventing my glans from rubbing against my panties even while soft.

“And finally...” The nurse produced a little cup. No guesses needed to figure out what that was for. “Time to get your sample.”

“Were you going to, you know… help me with that?” I asked, biting my lip.

Olivia grinned at me. “Of course! It’s the only way to guarantee a perfect specimen. Now, hold still.”

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