Hiking Trail Wolf Rape

Book Summary

A young virgin woman goes on a hike in the woods, and is ambushed by a menacing wolf. He attacks her in a flash, shredding the clothes right off of her tender body. Fearing that he was going to devour her whole, she tried kicking him and crawling away, but that only resulted in putting her bare ass on full display. Before she could make it far, he had already mounted and knotted her virgin hole.

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Right in front of me was a large wolf, and with how its teeth were bared, I knew it had to be hungry. And I knew someone soft and tender like me would make fine prey.

“N-nice wolf...” I attempted talking nicely to him, hoping my experience of being around the domesticated dogs of the world would help. “W-would you like a treat?” Reaching into my bag in a hurry, I frantically tried to find the jerky that I had thankfully packed. Except I clearly wasn’t fast enough.

Distracted with my pack, I had no time to react when the wolf suddenly charged and pounced on me. I was knocked down onto my back hard, nearly knocking the wind out of me. It was only inevitable that fangs and claws would be digging deep into my succulent flesh, ending my joyous life. But when I didn’t feel any blood flow, I hoped that he was just being extra playful.

The large wolf hovered over my body, glaring down at me as he growled. Still thinking that I might be able to calm him, I slowly moved a hand out towards him to try petting him on the head. Before I could do so, he finally struck.

“Oh god, please don’t eat me!” I cried out.

Miraculously, instead of sinking his teeth into me, his jaws simply grabbed at my shirt. His strength tore my light garment off in a flash, leaving me in only a bra. All I could do was lay there, watching as his paws began digging at my bra. His claws scraped across my smooth skin, making me wince as he scratched along the top sides of my luscious mounds. My tight bra didn’t last long either, getting pulled down and torn free from teeth and claws, causing my juicy breasts to bounce free to be feasted upon.

“No, not my breasts!” I screamed. “I know they look tasty, but surely you’d rather eat a cute little bunny instead!”

Growling and baring his teeth even more, the wolf opened his toothy maw wide and dove onto one of my breasts. I knew this was it. He was going to devour me whole. His teeth latched onto my heavy mound, biting down on it. But as always, he didn’t do any actual harm on me. Instead, he began licking all over my stiffened nipple, causing my body shudder from the unwelcome stimulation. As his rough tongue tasted his meal, he began tugging at my breast with his teeth, threatening to tear it free.

“Please, anything but this...” I cried.

Somehow, after what seemed like an eternity of despair, he finally released my abused breast from his jaws. No blood had been spilled, but I knew it would take a while before those teeth marks would fade away. Just when I thought I was in the clear, he attacked my other breast, abusing it like he had done with the first one.

I was so terrified. This was only one wolf, and I couldn’t imagine what would be happening if another one had decided to show up suddenly. It was clear that he was simply playing with his food, trying to tenderize me before finally devouring me as I laid here and screamed until I fainted. I hated that his tongue made my nipples light up with lustful desire, trying to convince me to relax and allow him to have his way. It should have been a lover savoring my nipples, not a wild, hungry animal.

“What are you waiting for? Just eat me already...” I said, feeling like giving up. Fighting back should have been something I did, but I knew even one punch would just provoke him further.

When my other breast stopped getting tasted, I actually felt a small wave of relief wash over me. His growling had stopped, and he was now licking my sternum. He slowly backed up, allowing him to lick lower and lower on my front. Even while filled with dread, a giggle was forced out of me when his tongue decided to clean out my belly button for a few seconds. Then, when he reached my shorts, I went right back to dreading what was still to come.

The wolf stuffed his nose right between my legs, getting a good whiff of my scent. His tongue came out to lick at the fabric a few times. Luckily, my clothing was just thick enough to prevent me from filling anything. And that I was glad for. But when claws and teeth began attacking my bottom clothing, I knew I had spoken too soon.

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