Black Shemales Breeding Their Adopted White Daughter

Book Summary

Taylor and Naomi always wished to have a child of their own, but were forced to adopt because they only had huge, black secrets between their legs. When their adopted daughter Sofia grew into a hot, young woman, they couldn't resist the opportunity to have a child of their own. Will Sofia agree to being split open and pumped full of fertile seed to give her mothers the child they always wanted?

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“What is that touching me...” Moving her hands closer, she ended up gripping onto both of her mothers’ throbbing cocks. When the hot, thick organs twitched in response, she freaked out and pulled her hands out from under the covers. “Oh god!”

“Calm down honey, its okay.” Naomi cooed as she caressed her daughter’s face.

“We’ve been waiting for the perfect time to tell you, Sofia.” Taylor said. “We both have male organs between our legs, which is why we had to adopt you. And that will never change how much we love you.”

Sofia didn’t know how to feel. She was shocked to learn her mothers’ secrets, and embarrassed that she had grasped them so tightly. “I-I had no idea...” Thinking back, she really couldn’t think of a time that she had ever suspected them of having a surprise within their pants. “But that doesn’t matter. I still love you both.” She smiled.

“Aww, I’m so happy to hear that!” Naomi said, leaning in to kiss her daughter’s cheek.

Now that their daughter was wide awake and wasn’t bothered by the reveal of their secret, they couldn’t hold back any longer. Their hips revved back up, bucking against her thighs. Ignoring her belly, they started fondling her ample bust through her gown.

“What are you two doing to me?” Sofia asked, laying there in shock. But she had yet to try escaping.

“Oh, Sofia… your mothers just can’t stop thinking about the hot body you’ve grown into.” Taylor admitted, finding a nipple to tug on.

“No matter what happens here, we will always love you, and I hope you won’t hate us for it.” Naomi added, also finding a nipple to play with.

Sofia wanted to resist, tell her mothers to stop. But they were being so gentle and caring towards her, and she couldn’t help but enjoy every second of it. Relenting, she stopped biting her lower lip to allow her first moan to escape into the room.

“Mmm… it does feel rather nice.” Sofia admitted to them. “Just… keep being gentle.”

Both lovers smiled. “Well, in that case, maybe we should help you feel a bit more comfortable.” Taylor suggested.

Grasping the hem of her daughter’s gown, Taylor worked it up across the white, young body it was covering. Naomi helped her daughter lean up, allowing the garment to slip over her head. Both large, perky breasts bounced free, each topped with pink, puffy nipples that begged to be devoured.

“Do you think they’re too big?” Sofia asked.

“Not at all!” Taylor said, grasping the one closest to her. “They’re absolutely perfect.”

With her bust exposed, Sofia moaned deeply when both sensitive nipples were tugged and pinched. When their hunger grew too great, both dark lovers leaned in and sucked the tasty looking morsels into their mouths.

“Oh, heavens!” Sofia cried out.

Their daughter’s chest heaved as they sucked and licked her succulent mounds. Feeling like she was losing control of her body, Sofia slipped her hands back down under the covers to grasp their throbbing organs. Although she wasn’t stroking them just yet, the simple act was enough to make both older women moan into her breasts.

Coming up for air, Taylor licked her lips. “We’re not the only ones allowed to have fun here, Sofia.”

Naomi came up as well. “You can play with us all you’d like. Come on, give your mothers a good stroke.”

Gulping audibly, Sofia went into action so her parents didn’t have to wait all day. Keeping a firm grip on them, she slowly began stroking both rigid dicks. They were so hot and hard, like she was grasping onto molten steel rods. She could feel the dark women shudder whenever her hand caressed their sensitive glans. So much fresh, warm cream had oozed out of them that her hands were completely coated, providing the perfect amount of lube to keep going.

“Yes, just like that...” Naomi moaned. “Such a naughty daughter...”

“Keep it up, and you’re gonna have a mess on your hands...” Taylor warned.

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