Shemale’s Curious Dog: Part 1

Lexi was relaxing on her bed after a long day at work; reading books was her favorite thing to do. She was wearing a light pink night-gown that covered her large perky breasts, reaching down far enough to hide most of her similarly colored underwear. As with many nights, her large German Shepherd dog Max came into the room and jumped onto the bed.

“Hey Max! Ready to sleep up with me again?” She said, petting him on the head.

He always chose somewhere different to lay each night. Tonight he was feeling cold and decided to lay right between Lexi’s somewhat open legs, with his head facing her. His snout landed right on top of her crotch, sending a small wave of pleasure into her.

“You snuggled right in there didn’t you!” She said, ignoring the brief sensation and only focused on his warmth.

As she continued reading her book, Max suddenly got a whiff of what was underneath her night-gown. Wanting to investigate, he stuck his nose under it and sniffed at the small bulge hiding in her underwear. Lexi didn’t take any notice until he began nudging it with his nose, sending a few more pleasure waves into her.

“You naughty boy! There isn’t anything in there for you!” She said, trying to distract him from it with her hands.

Before she could get him to stop, Max lapped at her underwear with his hot wet tongue. This felt incredible to her and tried to ignore it while trying to remove his head from under her night-gown. More licks came from him until she couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Oh Max, you’re trying to put naughty thoughts into my head!” Lexi struggled with all her might to ignore how good his tongue felt on her.

Losing the battle with the waves flowing into her, she felt her underwear becoming tighter. Each new licked urged the bulge between her legs to grow, responding to Max’s attention to her. Finally giving in, Lexi lifted up her night-gown until it was right under her breasts.

“Oh god, what am I doing! This is wrong, but it feels so good!” She said with quickened breath, her mind going haywire.

Noticing that his tongue couldn’t reach the entire bulge now that it had grown so much, Max stood up and moved forward a bit. Each stroke of his tongue started at the base of the bulge and ran all the way up until it just made contact with her belly. Her bulge got to the point that the head of her dick finally poked out from the top of her underwear. She watched in anticipation as his tongue’s current journey was headed right for it. Right as he made contact the entire head of her penis lit up with energy, making her moan for the first time.

“Ooohhh… What have I been missing out on all these years?!” She secretly wished Max hadn’t waited so long before doing this to her.

When Max saw her poking out of her underwear, he knew he had to get it out. He used one of his paws to claw at her underwear, slowly causing them to move down and reveal more of her hiding cock. Wanting to help him slightly, Lexi lifted her ass while Max responded by gently grabbing a hold of her underwear in his mouth. Walking backwards, he tugged them all the way down to her feet then returned to where he was to receive his treat.

Towering right in front of him was Lexi’s giant, fat, throbbing cock that called out to him; her tight balls resting right under it. Sniffing it again, he lowered his snout and began licking once more. Lexi let out another moan as his tongue met with her sac, feeling as it traveled up every inch of her length. She had to keep herself from screaming when it ran over her exposed glans, which once more exploded with energy. To stop herself from just grabbing her own dick and stroking it, she cupped both of her soft breasts and began massaging and tugging her nipples.

Max kept licking her at a steady pace until Lexi’s arousal built to the point that pre cum started flowing out of her. As his tongue made contact with the delicious substance, he looked for where it was coming for. Noticing that it came from the top of the meaty treat, he stopped licking up her entire shaft and only focused on her glans. So much pre cum leaked out of her that enough was replenished each time his tongue ran across its origin.

“Just like that Max, lick me real good! You’ll get a special treat if you don’t stop!” Lexi begged her dog, completely lost in ecstasy.

By now the pleasure she felt was slowly replaced by the pressure and warmth of an impending orgasm. Her hands gripped her breasts tighter and pinched her nipples harder the closer she got to the finale. Lexi got a big surprise when Max opened his mouth and placed the head of her cock inside while not slowing down on his lapping. Each stroke of his textured tongue felt better than the last and brought her ever closer to an explosive end.

“Oh god Max, I can feel it coming! Brace yourself boy!” Lexi screamed in ecstasy.

With a final lick, Lexi’s legs began quivering and her balls tightened greater than ever. Trying not to disrupt her dog, she held back arching her back too far but still cried out in bliss. Unable to store it any longer, her balls clenched and shot the hot churning cum within them up into her now pulsating cock. Max got quite the surprise as a giant load of Lexi’s deliciously sweet cum erupted into his mouth, but stood strong as he gulped it all down. Her cock pulsated for at least ten seconds until her balls finally ran dry, with every last drop being devoured by the hungry animal without fail.

Realizing that nothing else was coming out, Max let her now shrinking cock out of his mouth. Having had a nice snack, he felt tired and proceeded to walk up to her side and curled up right there. With his head by hers, he gave her a goodnight kiss by licking her face and lips. Curious, she licked her own lips right after and could taste remnants of herself.

“That tired you out didn’t it boy? It looks like I’m sleeping like this, without any underwear.” She said while petting Max.

Lexi read a few more pages of her book before trying to sleep herself. Putting her book away and turning off the lamp, she rolled over and put her arm around him. Her life was forever changed, and she began thinking about what else she could do with Max.


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