Thick Shemales and Hot MILFs

This 21,500 word 3 book erotica short bundle contains the perfect, Dirty combination of Juicy Throbbing Shemales, Sexy Experienced MILFs, and Young Hot Fertile Innocent Women as they go Hard, Rough, and Unprotected with each other!

Shemale Shared By Lesbian MILFs
Stephanie is an innocent sexy little shemale who gets locked out of her apartment. Coming to her aid are two hot older lesbian MILFs who offer their apartment to wait in for a new key. It was impossible to keep the growing bulge in her shorts a secret from them, and when they opened her shorts to discover the huge surprise within, they couldn't believe just how long and hard she was. As the day goes on, both lesbian lovers get to experience her thickness hard, rough, and without protection.

Size Does Not Matter
When her car breaks down, the hot, innocent, young midget Britney has to walk to a house for help. After ringing the door bell, the tall, sexy MILF Dawn answers the door, gladly offering to help the cute little woman. They are quickly drawn to each other, soon turning into heated passion on the couch. Through all the ecstasy filling the air, Britney discovers Dawn's gigantic secret, a surprise so long and thick that Britney couldn't resist opening up Dawn's throbbing, bulging pants to let it out. After the shock wears off, Dawn carries Britney into the bedroom, proceeding to take the small, innocent woman hard, rough, and unprotected!

Can she survive a night of being split in half?

Sandwiched Between Shemale MILFs
Amy is a Hot, Innocent, Nubile Young Woman that recently got a job at a sandwich shop. Inside she meets the Sexy and Busty Shemale MILFs Valerie and Kristen, where they show her their Juicy Meats and Secret Sauce as they make a sandwich for her. After Gulping it down, they take her into the backroom to prepare her for employment. She soon gets Hands-On Experience with the Massive Secrets Between Their Legs after they beg her to open their Throbbing and Bulging pants. Amy could hardly believe the amount of Long and Thick Meat they had in storage, only to be surprised further to learn that her own Sensual Juices were a key ingredient in their Sweet, Creamy Secret Sauce.

By time they're done going Hard, Rough, and Unprotected at the same time with her, will Amy ever be able to enjoy Succulent Meat anywhere else?


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