Shemales And Futas Bundle 3

Get 25,000 words of hot transgender action! Featuring sexy, dirty shemales and futanari as they use their big secrets to go hard, deep, and unprotected with everyone around them!

Tying Up The Throbbing Shemale: A shy yet sexy shemale goes back to her date’s home, discovering her burning desire to be dominated in bed!

Stranded Stiff Soaked Shemale: Two sexy women wash ashore on an island, amnesia causing them to lose their memory and any knowledge of sex. They quickly discover that what rests between their legs gives great pleasure!

Strained Throbbing Shemale Sucked Dry: Tricked into drinking one of her own potions, a sexy shemale with a hard throbbing problem seeks refuge in a cave after being exiled, meeting an unlikely savior within!

Reaped: After a heart defect robs a sexy girl of her life, she gets a visit by Death, the grim reaper, and soon discovers the big secret that resides within the dark robes of the monstrosity, praying that pleasuring Death's throbbing surprise will bring her back to life.


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