Shemales and Futas 4

The latest 8 books - consisting of 47,000 words - written by Thomas Pike are now available in a bundle, saving you over 75% by buying now!!!

These stories involve Hard, Thick Shemales and Futanari surprising ordinary women with their Giant Surprises Between Their Legs! MILFs, Extreme Size, and First Time are some examples of what you will find inside!

Shemale Shared By Lesbian MILFs
After a sexy, little shemale locks herself herself out of her home, two hot, older women offer their place to wait in for a key. They quickly discover the hard and thick surprise waiting within her shorts!

Naughty Throbbing Shemale
When a dirty shemale takes some pills so she can grow hard and thick again, she stays hard without release and goes to the hospital in hopes that the medical staff can tend to her throbbing, raging secret!

Futa Bikini Surprise
Finding a magical necklace in the ocean and putting it on, a sexy young woman sprouts something hard and throbbing within her bikini bottom. She can't wait to show her new friend the surprise, including passing the necklace around!

Lending A Hand
At first she thought the only secret that the hot woman she had been dating had was having no arms, but later on she learns that they also have something hard and throbbing waiting inside of their pants!

Backseat Surprise
While riding the bus, a sexy shemale gets the surprise of her life when a young, cute woman sits on her lap because of the lack of seats, causing her pants to grow a giant, throbbing bulge from the bumpy ride!

Size Does Not Matter
With her car breaking down, a sexy little midget gets help from a tall, hot shemale MILF who proceeds to split the little woman in half all night long!

Tentacles Sucking Shemale Dry
Getting in from a run, a toned, hot shemale is surprised by thick, slimy tentacles while taking a shower that waste no time in tending to her most delicate spots!

Sandwiched Between Shemale MILFs
Thinking that she was just applying for a job, a sexy young woman gets hands on experience when the two bosses turn out to be two MILF shemales that quickly show her their supply of long, hard meats and sweet, creamy sauce!


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