Shemales And Tentacles

3 HOT stories where women with a surprise between their legs get taken hard, rough, and unprotected by thick, slimy tentacles!

Over 18,000 words.

Futanari Tentacle Cave: Seeking a cave full of monsters, a hot futanari knight gets the shock of her life when tentacles lift her up into the air. She can't help but beg for them to fill her up, to the point where her belly reaches its limits!

Futa Maid: While cleaning out the drains in a house, a sexy futa is completely filled to the brim by tentacles. By time they're done with her, she is harder, thicker, and throbbing like never before!

Tentacles Sucking Shemale Dry: While taking a shower, a sexy shemale is surprised by tentacles wrapping her up within their slimy embrace. They don't waste a moment, quickly going deep inside and tending to her massive secret between her legs!


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