Throbbing Heart Probe


Becky's heart has been acting funny lately so she goes in for an exam. When she learns the equipment for heart stress tests isn't available, she must go the alternate route: MAKE HERSELF EXCITED. With the results inconclusive, her doctor Abby recommends that she HELPS BECKY HERSELF. Still unsatisfied, Abby brings out the THICK SURPRISE BETWEEN HER LEGS to get better data.

As Becky TAKES A MOUTHFUL OF THICKNESS, the unveiled equipment just isn't enough to figure out what is wrong with her heart. With one last idea, Abby calls in her HOT EBONY NURSE WITH A SURPRISE OF HER OWN. Becky gets COMPLETELY FILLED UP WITHOUT PROTECTION by them AT THE SAME TIME. They all SCREAM IN ECSTASY when they REACH THEIR LIMITS.

This 4900 word erotica short contains Futanari, Interracial, Group, Heart Exam, Anal, Oral.


“That was amazing. I’m no doctor, but I’m sure you need to run many more tests.” Becky said, looking down into Abby’s eyes with desire.

“You read my mind perfectly, and I think it’s time to give you the final test.” Abby said, returning the look of desire.

Standing up and moving away from her, Abby began taking her shirt off. Her large breasts were held together within a tight bra, sitting above her flat belly. Before releasing them from their prison, she opened up her pants and moved them down. The bulge that Becky saw before became much more apparent, her doctor’s straining underwear struggling to keep it in.

“Are you sure there wasn’t any equipment available? I see the perfect thing right there in front of me.” Becky said while staring at the massive tent in Abby’s underwear.

“Silly me! I just wanted to keep it a surprise is all.” Abby said with a wink.

Tossing her pants away, Abby reached back and unhooked her bra. Her perfect breasts bounced out, their nipples also made stiff from the cold room. She gave them a playful squeeze then moved her hands to the band of her underwear. As Abby pulled them down, Becky watched in awe as she saw the gigantic cock flop out, a giant pair of balls hanging right under it. Just the sight of it gave her heart another jolt, making her put a hand right over her chest.

“I never would have guessed you used to be a guy! Your transition has been perfect!” Becky complimented her doctor.

With a smile and giggle “Surprisingly, I was born this way! I also have a pussy and everything else of my own.” She lifted her balls to show the area underneath.

The two women were now completely naked in front of each other, the huge dick looking like it could erupt at any moment. Without any instruction from her doctor, Becky positioned herself on the bed so her head hung off the side it upside down.

Motioning Abby to bring her cock towards her own mouth “Why don’t we start with this?” Becky said as she opened her mouth wide.

“Good idea!” Abby said.

Abby slowly inched herself forward, her cock pointing right at Becky’s open mouth. When the tip reached her patient’s lips, Becky gave it a small lick and kiss and said “I’m ready!”.

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