Sucking Out Her Venom


HOT AND SEXY friends Nicole and Andrea take a trip to Brazil to discover new bugs for college. While cooling off in their tent within the dense jungle, a curious spider sinks its fangs into Nicole's MOST SENSITIVE SPOT upon her bosom. Quickly diving into action, Andrea SUCKS ON THE BITE to get as much venom out as she can. While she was able save her friend from the deadly venom, there was still enough in her friend's veins to make the SURPRISE BETWEEN THEIR LEGS surge with blood and become HARDER, THICKER, AND THROB LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Andrea had no idea her friend was a SMOKING HOT BUSTY AND CURVY SHEMALE. The two quickly dive into HOT AND STEAMY ACTION to prevent Nicole from losing her MASSIVE SURPRISE to the spider's venom.

This 4600 word erotica short contains Shemale-On-Female, Oral, Anal, First Time Lesbian Encounter, and a Perilous Situation!


I was so sure that I was quick enough to remove any harm from her, but not knowing that she had a huge penis was news to me. It now made sense why she hesitated to be in her underwear around me, as well as not wanting to share a small bed at the village.

“Oh shit Nicole, I had no idea! I must not have sucked it out fast enough!” I yelled.

She didn’t stand there in her underwear for long, as she also slipped them off. Her throbbing cock sprung upwards like a loaded spring, looking like it would explode if any more blood traveled into it. The veins along its surface were bulging like as if she was wearing a cock ring.

Nicole gripped it with one hand, “At first I thought you sucking on my breast made me hard, but I’m afraid the venom got to me.” She said, then sat back down on the cot completely naked in front of me; “It’s really hard and starting to hurt, what can we do?”

My mind was a mess of feelings, as the sight of the throbbing mass drove me crazy while the peril meant I had to be serious too, “The venom isn’t going to kill you, but your penis is going to need treatment. The village isn’t too far away, but it is unlikely we could reach medical treatment afterwards soon enough.” I said.

Her face looked like she was going to cry “I don’t want to lose my penis! And I don’t think I feel good enough to walk anywhere anyways!” She screamed.

She looked like she wanted to just give up hope, but I wasn’t going to. “There is only one other thing we can do, and you’re going to have to endure it.” I said.

I got up and walked over to her and knelt down right between her legs. Her towering thickness looked so red and swollen, crying out for someone to take care of it. I reached out and gripped it, making her jump.

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