Size Does Not Matter


When her car breaks down, the hot, innocent, young midget Britney has to walk to a house for help. After ringing the door bell, the tall, sexy MILF Dawn answers the door, gladly offering to help the cute little woman. They are quickly drawn to each other, soon turning into heated passion on the couch. Through all the ecstasy filling the air, Britney discovers Dawn's gigantic secret, a surprise so long and thick that Britney couldn't resist opening up Dawn's throbbing, bulging pants to let it out. After the shock wears off, Dawn carries Britney into the bedroom, proceeding to take the small, innocent woman hard, rough, and unprotected!

Can she survive a night of being split in half?

This 7200 word erotic short contains older MILF shemale on younger innocent female midget, riding, oral, anal, EXTREME!! size, first time.


As Dawn moved down past my neck, she kissed all over my exposed chest. Her tongue traveled up and down through my deep valley of cleavage, helping my heaving chest cool down. I wanted my shirt off right that moment to feel her soft, plump lips all over my breasts, sucking them deep into her mouth and tugging on my nipples with her teeth.

Instead of tearing through my shirt or even lifting it over my head, Dawn simply kept her tongue in there while one of her hands traveled south. It caressed my belly, exposed from my shirt being pushed up from the passionate play. Reaching my shorts, my moans went quiet as all my focus and energy was on her hand going where no one’s hands had ever been before. She found the waistband, making sure to rub every inch as she went even further down. Passing right over my clothed mound, I cried out right as her big fingers found my throbbing clit.

“Oh Dawn! Your fingers are…. heavenly!” I cried out to match hers from earlier.

While she rubbed me, I sent a hand down her front as well to not leave her neglected. She barely had to bend her arm to reach me, but with how short my arms were, I knew it would be a challenge to reach her most sensitive spot. By time I passed over her warm, smooth belly, my arm was almost maxed out. Reaching the button on her jeans, I stretched my arm as far as I could muster, then I felt it.

Right inside of her pants, between those shapely thighs of her, I felt a bulge. It wasn’t small or subtle, but a bulge as gigantic as she was. I rubbed it again to make sure my mind wasn’t just short circuiting from all the ecstasy flowing through the room. No matter how many times I rubbed it, it was still there, and it felt like it was getting even bigger each time.

She must have registered me rubbing it, as she sat all the way up and looked down at my tiny body. “I’m so sorry Britney, I should have said something. Now you know why I’ve stayed single.” She said, sobbing into her hands as she sat back on the other side of the couch.

It was definitely quite the shock, to learn the hot, older woman who saved me from the cold night had a giant cock within her pants. Her transition had been so perfect, I never would have guessed she used to be a guy. I had been so transfixed on the rest her body that I never even bothered to look between her legs. Had I been a guy, I might have been freaked out for sure, but this new revelation made her even hotter to me, if that was even possible. A woman with a thick, juicy cock is simply the best of both worlds.

I scooted over on the couch until my hip touched hers, placing a hand on her leg again, “You just haven’t found the right person, but I believe that changed tonight.” I said sensually to her as I moved my hand up to rest on her hot, throbbing bulge.

Dawn stopped crying once I touched her, looking down at her lap. I began rubbing the bulge, feeling it grow once again. My words must have really made her feel better, as the bulge grew dangerously fast now.

“You’re making my pants sooo tight!” She exclaimed.

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