Reaped – When Death Comes


When a heart defect robs Jackie of her life while she pleasured herself, her worst nightmare arrives as Death, the grim reaper, approaches to collect her soul. While pleading with Death, her curiosity ends up revealing the big secret underneath the robed form of the reaper. Realizing that she had nothing to lose, she soon discovers Death had more than one secret, praying that pleasing the throbbing surprise of Death would return her back to life.

This 4700 word erotica short contains alpha male, masturbation, oral, riding, female on shemale, horror, and not for the faint of heart, unless you wish to be visited by Death as well!


“Please don’t do this! It’s not my time yet!” She pleaded.

She fell forward and hung onto the dark robes, pounding her hands on them to hopefully persuade the hooded form. As her hands hit all over Death, something peculiar came to her attention; the grim reaper should just simply be a skeleton under the robe, right?

Setting her fear aside for a moment, she was filled with curiosity. Resting back on her feet, she reached for the flaps of the dark robe and slowly opened them up. As the robes peeled away to reveal what was underneath, Jackie couldn’t believe what she saw.

“OH. MY. GOD!” She screamed.

Only a foot away in front of her rested the thickest, longest, and juiciest cock she had ever laid eyes on. Equally impressive balls rested underneath, looking like they hadn’t been drained in an eternity. Just the sight alone took away nearly all of her fear, quickly replaced by inhuman lust and desire.

Death had been watching her the whole time, no other victim had ever considered parting the robes. As Jackie gripped the massive length, a haunting moan left the dark void of the hood. She began stroking the throbbing shaft, being sure to not be too hasty.

“Oh god, what am I doing!?” She thought to herself, her mind a mess for thoughts, “I might as well try something, as I’m dead either way.”


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