Parasite Thickness


Kayla, Emily, and Rose spend their spring break at a cabin surrounded by wilderness. Kayla's friends had no idea that she wasn't always a woman. What started out as a normal adventure eventually becomes HOT AND STEAMY, as a parasitic worm ENTERS KAYLA'S THICKNESS and makes her UNABLE TO CONTAIN HERSELF. Needing help from a friend, she shocks Rose with a SURPRISE BETWEEN HER LEGS. Able to accept her, the two girls quickly get DOWN AND DIRTY, all the while Emily is in the shower PLEASING HERSELF. Later on, Emily CATCHES THEM IN THE ACT but doesn't hold back as she joins them. The parasite starts to change her friends, making them GROW SURPRISES BETWEEN THEIR LEGS as well. With everyone equipped, they go crazy as they COMPLETELY FILL EACH OTHER UP AND EXPLODE IN ECSTASY.

This 6500 short story erotica contains shemale-on-female, shemale and female and futa on each other, inflation, pregnancy, masturbation, anal, oral, menage.



Kayla felt very horny when she woke up, her balls wanting to unload themselves. She had also become very hot and started to sweat, making her take off the blanket. Looking down, she saw tenting happening in her shorts, her throbbing dick wanting to come out.

"At a time like this? There's no way I could relieve myself with my friends here!" She thought to herself.

It was getting harder to ignore her increasing arousal, her shorts feeling tighter by the minute. Turning her head, she noticed that only Rose was sleeping in the queen bed. The sound of a shower just started, letting her know where Emily had gone.

"Oh god, I can't handle this anymore! I hope Rose is understanding." Kayla said quietly.

Slipping her legs out of bed and standing up, she slowly walked over to Rose who was sound asleep. Turning on the nearby lamp and crawling onto the bed, she pulled the covers off of Rose then prodded her.

"Rose? Wake up Rose. I need your help." Kayla said.

Rose began stirring, trying her hardest to resist the pleas. Letting out a mighty stretch and yawn, she saw Kayla before her.

"What are you doing up Kayla? Can't you sleep? " Rose said, who was about to also ask where Emily was but then heard the shower.

Keeping a hand on her shorts to block the bulge from Rose "This might sound really awkward, but I'm extremely horny and I need help." Kayla said.

Looking at her for a second before letting out a giggle "Oh you poor thing, I don't mind if you play with yourself over there. And I'm not into girls anyways." Rose said.

Feeling her shorts get even tighter "I don't think I can handle this alone! And this is probably the best time to reveal this.... I'm not entirely a woman." Kayla said.

With a puzzled look on her face, Rose asked "What do you mean? You look and act like any other girls out there."

"Well you see..." Kayla began to speak, then slowly removed the hand blocking her shorts "I used to be a guy... I hope you can still accept me."

Rose's face quickly went from surprise to a hint of lust, holding back a bit of drool as her eye's grew wide from the sight between her friend's legs.

"Of course I can! You're not any better or worse than the other guy or girl friends I have. And I retract what I said earlier... More like I'm not into girls without cocks." Rose said while putting a hand on Kayla's shoulder.

Hearing what Rose said filled Kayla with joy, then dove in for a kiss "What a relief! I was always scared to ever reveal this to either of you." Kayla said.

The two girls embraced each other on the bed, their hands rubbing all over. Kayla moved down to her friend's neck with her kisses and some nibbling, Rose letting out a moan.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" Kayla thought to herself.

Hearts sped up and breathing intensified, both girls unable to comprehend what they were doing. Reaching her hands around, Kayla unclasped Rose's bra to release her large breasts from their prison. The delicious mounds bounced out, their perky nipples looking ready to be sucked on. Kayla grabbed them both in her hands and kneaded them while taking turns sucking on them.

"If I knew about you earlier we could have been doing this for a while!" Rose said while trying to catch her breath.


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