Oozing Deep Inside – Shemale’s Slimy Friend Book 2


One year after her encounter with a Slimy Blob, Kate gets surprised by another in her bedroom. Rather than Swelling Her Belly Full of Eggs like last time, this one infused with her body instead, making her bustier, curvier, and causing the large Secret Between Her Legs to become absolutely Massive. A Hot Dream that night told her what she had to do: Find the most Fertile woman possible, take her Hard, Rough, and Unprotected, and bloat her belly until it becomes Swollen and Tight With Eggs.

Will Kate be able to fulfill her destiny?

This 14,500 word novelette, containing at least SIX sex scenes, contains slimy blob on shemale, shemale on female, first time, FF, oral, anal, riding, creampies, extreme size, transformation, belly inflation, rapid pregnancy, egg birth, and so much more!


Right as my cock fully hardened, I finally saw it. A large, slimy blob, blue this time, oozed its way up over my window sill and plopped down onto my bedroom floor. I just couldn’t believe it. All this waiting and praying seemed futile, but now, it had all been worth it.

“Don’t be shy, little guy! I have a nice, creamy treat waiting for you between my legs.” I called out to it, my cock throbbing madly from the thought of it getting sucked on again.

The blob slid out of my sight, but after only a few moments, I watched as it began ascending the foot of my bed. I could hardly contain my excitement, all of my self control was needed to stop myself from stroking my fat dick. As the first touch of the slime met with my foot I let out a deep moan, nearly causing my cock to spontaneously explode right then.

“Ooh… you’re just like the last one… so cool and soothing...” I softly said.

As I tried my best to stay still, it slowly swallowed up my smooth, shapely legs, cooling them down as it inched its way towards my waiting cock. I hadn’t even touched my dick yet and it was already leaking heavily, filling the room with a sweet aroma. It was still a mystery what this one was going to do with me, but with how intense it had been last time, I didn’t care what it did. I’d be fine if all it decided to do was stay in my bed and sleep all the time, allowing me to cool off every night as I snuggled with it.

Only a foot away from my tight, pent up balls, I could no longer blink as I watched it intently. My fingers were pinching my nipples so hard I was afraid I might just tear them right off if the slime suddenly made me jump. Moaning grew hard as my chest heaved, trying its best to fuel my beating heart with fresh air. Just when its cool body about contacted my balls, it split apart and simply flowed around them. Was it trying to tease me?

“Oh come on, just fondle my balls already!” I cried out, my balls feeling ready to blow.

Flowing further up, my thighs and hips were completely covered by pleasing slime. Unlike last time, my lower belly was now smothered, leaving only my huge, towering cock throbbing madly above the field of slime, begging to be tended to. Another surprise came as a big wave of slime began oozing between my cheeks, heading straight for my tight ass.

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to suck me first before doing that!” I exclaimed.

I wasn’t mad at it, just curious as to why it wasn’t acting the same as the one before. Hard to complain though, since all this waiting definitely deserved getting a new type of experience.

Slipping all the way down between my cheeks, it started knocking at my entrance. Doing my best to relax wasn’t enough as the slime suddenly surged deep into me, making my eyes go wide as I moaned deeply. With how it was ignoring my cock, I was worried that it was going to neglect me and just skip straight to creating eggs in my belly. But when a sudden, powerful pulsation surged through my throbbing length, I was no longer worried. It had simply been looking for my prostate!

“Oh... oh god! Just like that little one, rub my swollen prostate! Milk me real good!” I moaned, pinching my nipples even harder.

My cock had never throbbed and pulsated this powerfully before, at least not since I birthed those eggs. Each of those thick, slimy orbs had pressed into my prostate perfectly, sending a gush of pre cum out of my cock and into the ocean. And now the same was happening again.

Everything was becoming so overwhelming I couldn’t tend to my nipples any longer. Needing to hold on for dear life, I sent my hands out to my sides, making my knuckles go white as I held onto the sheets tightly. Lifting my head to look down between my breasts, I watched as the slime finally converged on my cock. I moaned louder and louder as slime flowed over my tight balls and up my raging length. Intense pressure built within my cock from the slime’s embrace, threatening to send me over the edge. And sure enough, right as my thick, bulbous head was swallowed up by slime, my body couldn’t handle anymore.

“Holy fuck, I’m coming!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I arched my back into the bed.

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