Lending A Hand


Haley's dating world is turned upside down when she meets Liz. Not only is she the hottest woman Haley had ever seen, she doesn't even have any arms! They quickly grew to like each other, and during their first intimate moment together, Liz warns Haley about another part of her body, one that turns out to be a hard, throbbing surprise in her pants! Unable to resist Liz's closely guarded secret, Haley takes her innocent shemale body hard, rough, and unprotected!

This 6500 word erotic short contains female on shemale, amputee, masturbation, riding, oral, first time, and lots of passionate lovemaking!


The whole time I had been focused on kissing and tending to her body, ignoring the heat that had been accumulating in my depths. I spread my legs apart until my nethers made contact with her leg, sending a bolt of pleasure up into me. My hips instantly began to rock forward and back, grinding my body on her leg.

As I sped up, I moved the hand on her breast down her front, caressing her naked side and belly. It made contact with her rough jeans, but kept going. Right as I was about to send it between her legs where her neglected, most sensitive spot resided, she pulled back from the kiss, looking up at me.

“Haley….. There’s still something you don’t know about me.” She said in a soft, serious tone.

I removed my hand from her jeans, putting it behind her head as well. Her timing of what she said and where my hand had been going was concerning, though it could have easily been a coincidence. Either way, it seemed like there wouldn’t be much more happening between us until she revealed the important bit about her.

“There’s a lot that I don’t know about you, we haven’t even talked for a month! Whatever it is, I don’t care.” I said, brushing away strands of hair blocking her beautiful face.

“It’s not my lack of arms that scared other dates away. If you want to know what does, rub the front of my pants.” She said, then looked down between her legs.

I was so horny that I couldn’t comprehend what she was saying. All I could do was follow her instructions, moving my hand back down to her jeans. The moment that my hand caressed the front of them, it all made sense. I looked down, and sure enough, there was a tight, thick bulge right underneath my hand. She had a cock! No wonder her other dates ran away from her.

My hand rubbed it a few more times to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things, but the moans coming from her all but confirmed it. I looked back up into her eyes, eyes that were hoping for good news. With the shock passing, I smiled at her.

“Oh Liz, you shouldn’t have kept it a secret for so long! I don’t care if you have a cock. In fact, I love it!” I exclaimed, diving in for another kiss.

All this time, the most perfect person I had ever met had a cock. If I hadn’t pursued this, hadn’t clicked open that message, I never would have been this happy. I was always selfishly concerning myself with missing out on being able to enjoy a nice, thick cock if I dated a woman. But now, right this moment, quite possibly the thickest cock I’ll ever see is right under me, anticipating its moment that it could split my pussy wide open, unloading what would surely be years of hot, creamy, pent up cum.

The time to stay gentle and slow was over, quickly tearing my own shirt and bra off. I leaned all the way forward, allowing Liz to latch onto my breasts and suckle on them. I threw back my head and bit my lip as she tended to me, my hips still grinding madly on her leg. I cried out as she nibbled all over my delicate mounds, pulling her head back as her teeth held onto my sensitive nubs. They stretched out over an inch, sending the whole orb bouncing as she let go.

I was so turned on, so hot, so horny that I couldn’t wait any longer. Her cock had to come out now! Sliding down off of her sexy body, I knelt on the floor between her legs. With my face only a foot away from her bulge, it was apparent just how giant it was now. Her jeans were so tight and strained I was afraid her cock would rip right through them, hitting me in the face.

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