Futa Split Open By Ogres – Medieval Regeneratrix Book 2


After rescuing the sexy Jane from a Tentacled Monster, Amber the hot, brave Futa Knight leads her home. On their journey, a Giant Ogre ambushed them with his Massive, Raging Endowment, looking ready to split them in half. Clearly outmatched, Amber whips out her own Giant, Throbbing Surpriseshe kept between her legs, hoping to distract the beast with her enticing body, letting him take her Hard, Rough, and Unprotected.

Will they survive the encounter, allowing Jane to offer her Innocent, Untouched body to her Futa savior as a reward?

This 6100 word erotica short contains futa on female, ogre on futa, oral, anal, EXTREME!! size, belly inflation, creampies, first time.


The sight of his uncovered cock distracted me, allowing him to finally catch me in his grip. He lifted me up into the air like the tentacles had done earlier, holding me tightly by the waist. I dropped my sword, my horny mind only wanting one thing right now. Looking down between my heaving breasts and past my throbbing cock, I saw his monstrous dick quickly swelling. The tentacles were definitely quantity, and with how huge the ogre was becoming, I was about to receive some quality. When his mass fully hardened and throbbed right underneath me with its thick vein covered surface, it easily dwarfed mine by being more than twice as thick and long.

“Me going to tear you apart! Split you right in half!” He said, positioning my body until his cock pointed right at my pussy. His anger must have overwhelmed his earlier disgust of me.

“Oh god yes, do it! Fucking rip me apart!” I cried out, biting my lip as I looked up at him.

A look of confusion developed on his face for a moment, surely taken by surprise from my outburst. It was quickly overtaken by his lust, as he began pulling my body onto him. The giant head of his cock slammed into the folds of my pussy, splitting them impossibly wide. My balls rested on top of his shaft, each one hanging off of opposite sides, feeling as the meaty ogre cock throbbed with anger. As he pulled me harder against his hot mass, I gripped my breasts and fondled them. He had no need or reason to be gentle, and as my pussy was finally split wide open, his gigantic organ surged deep into me.

“Dear lord, holy fuck!” I screamed, throwing my head back. Struggling to hold my head up afterwards, I gazed back down to his cock. “Shit, it feels like I’m getting split down the middle!”

His cock was so huge that my pussy was stretched to its limits. Even my mound felt stressed, like my hips would break right in half if he had been any bigger. None of it was of any concern to me, since I could just heal myself back to normal. If anything, it made my cock throb so hard that it might just explode from overwhelming ecstasy.

The initial thrust rammed the thick head of his dick right into the back reaches of my pussy. A giant, throbbing bulge formed in my lower belly, showing just how far he had gone. I soon realized that only half of his cock was currently stuffed into my terribly tight body, and with how things were going, I knew he was determined to fit every last hard inch inside.

He hadn’t said anything else yet, so I decided to offer him some words of encouragement. “Come on, cram the rest of that bad boy inside of me! Impale me on your cock!” I cried out, biting my lip as I fluttered my eyes up at him.

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