Futa Bikini Surprise


Cora's trip to the beach puts her deepest desires to the test when she meets the undeniably hotSandy. After an intimate encounter with her, Cora discovers a necklace in the ocean and puts it on. Burning passion quickly built between her legs, resulting in a long and hard surprise sprouting out from her bikini bottom. In a panic she quickly locates Sandy, and upon showing her the giant futa secret, they couldn't hold back their lust for each other. While in the middle of blissful ecstasy, the necklace ends up on Sandy, allowing them to experience the futa secret in more ways than one!

This 6600 word erotic short contains futa-on-female, transformation, oral, anal, deepthroating, organ growth, and two women taking turns going hard, rough, and unprotected!


Sandy joined her on the bed, looking ready to continue things where they left off at. Just before Sandy could place a hand on Cora’s leg, she was stopped.

“I would really love to continue, but….” Cora began, trying to find the words, “something happened to me when you left.”

“Did someone do something to you!? I shouldn’t have abandoned you!” Sandy said, feeling guilty.

Shaking her head, Cora responded “No, nothing like that. It wasn’t your fault at all.” She caressed one of Sandy’s cheeks, “In fact, it might even be a blessing.”

“What do you mean?” Sandy asked.

Standing up, Cora turned away from Sandy and slipped off her shirt and skirt, leaving her in her cute rainbow bikini. With her shirt out of the way, she noticed the necklace again, realizing that no one had come up to her to claim it. Taking a deep breath, she turned towards Sandy and revealed her throbbing cock, pointing right at the stunned girl.

Sandy’s eyes went wide and she gasped, placing a hand on her mouth, “Where…..I didn’t know you transitioned!” She said, failing to note the lack of balls from being unable to take her eyes off of the delicious looking shaft.

Cora shook her head, “I’m a woman just like you, but….” she started, then played with the necklace “my clit suddenly grew into this monstrosity for some reason.”

Able to take her eyes off of Cora’s thick cock for a moment, Sandy looked up and noticed the necklace, “Looks like it isn’t the only new thing you have. Where’d you find that necklace?” Sandy asked, pointing at it.

“I saw something sparkling in the water after you left, and it was this,” Cora began, “after I put it on, I….” She suddenly realized something, “That has to be it! My clit grew into this thick cock once I put the necklace on!” She exclaimed.

Sandy stood up off the bed and walked right up the Cora, wrapping an arm around her, “Honestly, I think it made you even hotter.” She said, then went in for another kiss.

Cora’s eyes went wide, then settled down as she returned the kiss. While her cock had been throbbing madly since appearing, it twitched wildly from the kiss, slapping against both of their tanned bellies as it bobbed back and forth.

Breaking the kiss, Sandy pulled on the string holding Cora’s skimpy bikini top together, making it fall onto the floor. Two luscious, perky breasts bounced out, this time in the company of someone whom Cora didn’t mind seeing them. Cora did the same to Sandy’s top, letting an equally succulent pair of breasts bounce forth. With how badly her cock throbbed, Cora slipped her own bikini bottom down, leaving her completely exposed. Dropping hers as well, Sandy joined Cora in letting their sexy bodies free for both to see.

Sandy gripped the red, smooth cock and looked into Cora’s eyes, “I might have been sorry before, but I’m now glad that I had abandoned you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have grown such a delicious looking cock!” Sandy said in a seductive tone.

Cora fell back on the bed, her ass landing on the edge and feet resting on the floor. Sandy got down on her knees and spread Cora’s legs, exposing the still present pussy right under the towering clit-cock. The idea of growing a cock and having dealt with embarrassment from walking on the beach with breasts freely bouncing no longer bothered Cora, only wanting Sandy to tend to her now. Cora closed her eyes and gripped her breasts right as Sandy enveloped her pussy within soft lips, eliciting out a soft moan.

“Oohhhh Sandy…..” Cora softly said.

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