From The Ocean It Came – Shemale’s Slimy Friend Book 1


Kate is a VERY HOT SHEMALE who just got home having worked at the beach all day. Wanting to cool off, she has some FUN WITH HERSELF while taking a cold shower. Having opened a window in her bedroom to let in a cool breeze, she didn't expect a CURIOUS SLIMY MONSTER would come through it while she slept. The slimy blob quickly PLEASURED THE THICKNESS BETWEEN HER LEGS, sending her into ORGASMIC BLISS. Afterwords, she didn't expect it to COMPLETELY FILL HER UP.

This story in a 4200 word erotic short that contains Shemale, Masturbation, Slime, Inflation, Eggs, and Birth.


Holding herself up with her arms, Kate's eyes grew big when she saw her legs consumed within something, unable to move them at all. She didn't know whether she should scream or not, not knowing if she was even in danger. Her body wasn't experiencing pain of any kind, with arousal being the only thing she could feel.

Closing her robe across her chest, she reached down to touch the slimy thing covering her. It was very cool to the touch and felt rather solid instead of fluid. Her cock pointing towards the ceiling didn't make any sense to her, though she could tell she was aroused.

"Since you're keeping me cool and not hurting me, you can stay here as long as you want. I'm going to need some help if I'm going to survive this summer." Kate said.

The slime couldn't understand her, but had yet to react negatively because it hadn't felt any struggles yet. Having secured her in place and knowing it wasn't in danger, Kate watched as something that looked like a hose grew out of the top of the ooze between her legs. When it reached a few feet into the air, it curved downwards towards the head of her throbbing cock.

Kate's cock surged even harder when she witnessed the sight before her, hardly containing herself for the pleasure to come. The slimy appendage continued to grow until it reached the head of her dick, making her moan softly.

"Take all the time you need, I'm not going anywhere!" Kate said.

The slimy tentacle began consuming her cock within it, the cool sensation very pleasing to her. Not wanting to get in its way, she opened her robe back up and began rubbing and squeezing her breasts. Further and further her cock went into the slime, her heartbeat felt from its tight fit. Even with the cool slime on half of her body, she started to sweat from such arousal flowing through her body.

Her cock was finally completely consumed by the cool tendril, its giant mass slightly visible through the green slime. She didn't have to wait long to know what it had planned as she felt her dick getting sucked on. Her moans and breast rubbing increased in intensity, her breathing and heart trying to keep up. The slime also randomly constricted and stroked her cock along with its suction, giving her the best sexual pleasure she had ever experienced. Kate's mind was going wild, unable to determine if she was dreaming or experiencing it all for real.

"Oh god yes, suck on my cock! Suck it dry!" Kate screamed.

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