Filling Her With Warmth


Chloe's sexy friend Leah was visiting during a snow storm when the power went out. Trapped together in a dark, cold house, they had to sleep together if they wanted to stay warm. Always cold, Leah shivered like mad no matter how tightly Chloe embraced her. With it being the only option, Chloe rubbed her hot body all over Leah's. As hands wandered all over, the hard, throbbing heater that Chloe kept between her legs switched on, wedging itself right between Leah's round cheeks. Becoming the perfect source of heat, Leah begged for it to slip deep inside to melt away her chills.

Will Chloe's pocket heater be enough to keep her friend from freezing solid through the night?

This 5700 word erotic short contains shemale on female, oral, anal, riding, extreme size, creampie.

Hot Preview

As I continued, my good intentions weren’t enough to stop a bulge from quickly forming within my pajamas. Her ass just felt too amazing pressed up against me, even if it was cold. Bigger and harder it grew, throbbing madly against her soft cheeks. I wanted to just whip it out and relieve myself, but there were more important matters to tend to.

I kept going until it felt like my pajamas were about to explode, so I stopped. “Sorry, it’s hard to control myself.” I said.

“That’s f-fine….. In fact, I like it…. It’s warming my butt up n-nicely!” Leah said, giggling afterwards.

Her liking it sent a powerful throb coursing through my bulge, making my hips start back up in an instant. Without even thinking, I switched from rubbing her all over to just holding onto her hip, then slid my hot, throbbing bulge up and down her ass. Both of our bodies locked together perfectly as my mass wedged itself between her soft, round cheeks. I could have sworn I heard her moaning too.

We had always slept separately because we feared something like this might happen between us. But that didn’t matter now, as I wanted to do anything to keep her warm. Even if that meant going even further…

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“Better… My butt isn’t f-frozen anymore, b-but everything else...” Leah said, a shiver stopping her from finishing.

Taking the initiative, I slipped my hand off of her hip and sent it under her shirt. I heard a quiet gasp leave her as I ran my hand over her belly, noticing how cold it was. Without pushing too hard, I rubbed her smooth belly all over, trying my best to melt away the goosebumps. When they finally went away, I explored further.

“Oh Chloe...” Was all she could say, followed by a loud moan.

My hand slowly went up her front, smoothing away every goosebump that I found. As I reached her ribs, I contemplated not going any further, but deep down, I knew this was what we both wanted. She didn’t protest one bit, only reacting with more moans.

“I’m going to search until each and every last goosebump is gone.” I said sensually into her ear without thinking.

Her breathing picked up in reaction to my words, letting me feel her chest heave as my hand traveled further. After traveling over her lithe ribs, my hand finally met with the softer, more tender flesh of her breasts. Each one was completely covered with goosebumps, which smoothed away as I massaged the luscious forms. Her nipples felt hard as diamonds, but quickly melted away into rubbery nubs from my delicate touch.

Even after letting go of her hip, mine never stopped gyrating against her ass. My pajamas were strained to their limits, the bulge within threatening to tear right through them and shoot deep into her. For the first time, her ass felt like it was warming up, thanks to the raging, hot mass sliding between her cheeks. If something didn’t change soon, there was going to be a hot, sticky mess in my pajamas any second now.


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