Exploding Out Of Her Panties


Ever since transitioning, a sexy shemale developed an enticing condition. Not only does the giant secret between her legs swell whenever she pleasures herself, but also her creamy, seed pods. This results in every wall, ceiling, and floor to become absolutely drenched in thick, sticky layers anytime she screams in ecstasy. Growing bored and lonely, the sexiest woman she will ever meet invites her over to their place.

Will her hot new friend cower at the sight of her surprise, or will they beg her to take them hard, rough, and unprotected until their belly can't handle any more hot, creamy seed?

This quick, 2900 word erotic short contains shemale on female, masturbation, oral, anal, toys, belly inflation, body part growth, and RELENTLESS CREAMPIES!!


Oh god, they’re getting so big…

Ever since finishing my transition, which gave me an absolutely stunning body, I’ve noticed a very strange side effect. Whenever I grew hot and horny, my balls swelled alongside my cock as they quickly filled with fresh, hot, creamy cum. At first, the effect was very subtle, but as time went on, I had to be very careful when I was in public. I had to force myself to stop checking out every sexy person I saw, for fear of my pants exploding open right in front of everyone. It was tough in the beginning, but over time, I grew accustomed to my condition. No more swimming at the beach for me.

The first time that I had grown quite the bulge, I made a mad dash towards the nearest public bathroom to relieve the pressure. Right as I sat down on the toilet, the button on my skinny jeans popped free, making my bulging panties explode out of them. I had never pulled my pants and underwear down so fast in my life. Taking my hard, throbbing cock into my hand, I furiously stroked it with all my might. My balls had easily tripled in size, filling full of thick, churning seed that begged to be released.

I was lucky that the bathroom had been empty, since I cried out at the top of my lungs right as my giant, fat balls began blasting out hot, thick ropes of cum. My hands shot out to both walls of the stall to hold on for dear life, my body quaking like I was in the middle of a violent seizure. Not a single inch of the stall was spared from my cum, being completely covered by my seed. Even the ceiling had been completely drenched. Miraculously, very little landed on my body, only ending up on my lips, which I gladly savored. When the intense climax died down after what felt like an entire minute of having my cock pulsate like mad, my balls shrunk back down to normal size. I quickly put my clothes back on and ran out of the bathroom, praying that the janitor kept his sanity.

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