Cleaning Out Her Pipes: Tentacled Futa Maid


From being taken rough by an alpha male, to getting filled to the brim by slimy tentacles, and giving lessons to a first time young woman, how much crazier could Vanessa's day get?

Vanessa's new house to clean as a maid was a pain as the drains kept getting clogged! Before heading out to buy some drain cleaner, her urges made her relieve the hot throbbing thickness between her legs. After buying the cleaner, a tough alpha took her behind the store and had his way with hershocked by the surprise between her legs. After getting back and using the drain cleaner, thick slimy tentacles emerged from all the drains and filled her to the brim. Just when she thought her day was over, the tentacles left her hornier than ever right before she ran into the young and innocent woman of the house. The inexperienced woman was sad no guys wanted to sleep with her, so Vanessa suggested that she show her what lust and desire was all about by taking her hard, rough, and unprotected.

This 9100 word erotica short contains Alpha Male On Futa, Slimy Tentacles On Futa, Futa On First Time Young Female, Belly Inflation, Corruption, Rapid Pregnancy, Birth, and SO much more to make you hot and steamy!


Out of her sight, a slimy tendril was creeping up through the pipes until the tip emerged from the shower drain. It wiggled out further and scoped out its surroundings. All it could find was a sexy woman rinsing her hands in the sink, her back turned towards it.

As she washed her hands, she got an odd sensation by her ankle but ignored it to make sure she got all the soap off. The feeling intensified and when it felt like a giant slug was crawling up her leg, she quickly turned the sink off and looked under her.

Her eyes went wide but didn’t scream for some reason, “You can’t be serious! Was this the cause of the clog!?” She questioned correctly as she discovered the length of it came from the shower drain.

More of it slithered up out of the shower, giving it more length to probe her body. With how this day was going, she just didn’t care anymore and hoped this too would satisfy her cravings. She stood curiously and watched as her legs continued to be explored.

Suddenly, she heard a disturbance coming from the toilet and watched as the water inside bubbled until another tentacle emerged. There were now two green slimy appendages coming for her, awakened by the chemicals she used. The toilet one slithered out until it too was long enough and began probing the upper part of her body.

She was trying to figure out why she hadn’t ran for help yet, but no harm had presented itself and the sensations felt amazing on her skin. The toilet tentacle slithered around her neck then deep within her cleavage, wrapping itself around one of her breasts. Its kin continued with her legs, wrapping around them and moving upwards.

Once again, she heard another disturbance and turned her head to see yet another tentacle come up out of the sink this time. This one stretched towards her and wrapped around between her shirt and skirt, cooling her skin down. With no more drains for them to come out of, she wondered what they had in store for her.

More and more length came out of the drains until they were completely wrapped around her. With her clothes getting in the way, they began tugging on them. No clothing was spared as tearing echoed throughout the bathroom, leaving her completely naked, standing above a pile of her shredded maid uniform.

Both of her breasts were surrounded and squeezed by the toilet tentacle, making her nipples bulge out. The end of it split in two, both forming maws that quickly attached to both nipples. She moaned in pleasure as they applied powerful suction, hoping milk of some kind would come out.

Vanessa was too distracted by her breasts being squeezed that she didn’t notice the sink tentacle inch towards her hard cock and balls. It traveled down and under them and squeezed tightly, acting like a slimy cock ring. As it kept the firm grip, the end slithered up while wrapping around the length of her hot dick.

When the tendril reached the head of her towering thickness, the end began rubbing the sensitive glans. Her moaning quickly picked up the pace as she felt shockwaves travel down into her crotch from the slimy tendril. Whenever it detected that she got too much pleasure, it tightened its grip on her balls to make sure they wouldn’t release any time soon.

The shower tentacle that had wrapped around her legs kept them spread wide, while slowly inching up towards her entrance. When the tip of it reached her dripping slit, she jumped when it began traveling inside. She never would have thought something could have felt better than the man she let ram her earlier. The slimy tentacle spread her wide with its thickness, causing her no pain as the slime lubed her entrance perfectly.

As it traveled deeper into her, she saw and felt a bulge form within her lower belly. It showed how far in it had gone, as well as showing just how thick it was. The only thing that stopped its advance was her cervix, which it showed no interest in passing through.

Before beginning its thrusting of her pussy, a small tendril appeared from the side of it right outside of her. It only had to travel a small way as its goal was the sensitive nub sitting patiently for its turn. Vanessa jumped once again when it made contact with her clit, moaning when it began to get rubbed.

The thick appendage within her began pulling out but pushed right back in before coming out all the way. It sped up until a sick sloshing sound filled the bathroom, making the mixture of her juices and its slime ooze out of her. Surprised that her hands were free, she placed them on her lower belly to feel the bulge within travel up and down.

With how much pleasure the pounding was giving her, the tentacle wrapped around her balls had to squeeze even tighter. Her cock looked like it was about to explode with how much blood had been pumped into it, the veins along its surface bulging out like crazy. The tentacle rubbing her glans stopped for a moment before traveling to the opening.

Something that she had never felt before began as she watched the slimy tentacle push into her cock. The head of her throbbing dick had to stretch wide to accommodate the intruder, but felt too good to register any pain. She saw her dick get wider as it traveled further down until it reached the base.

She thought it was over when it was all the way inside, but felt as something was writhing between her balls. Cupping them in a hand, she realized that the tentacle entered her sac and was swimming around inside. The tentacle grew many tiny tendrils within, attaching themselves to everything around them.

At last the tentacles released their grip on her balls, blindsiding her as their release sent her climax into overdrive. She barely had enough time to scream and arch her back as her orgasm shook her body to the core. Her pussy gripped the tentacle within tightly with every pulse.

“Fuck yes, suck my balls dry! Take it all!” She screamed.

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