Balls Deep – Futa Shrinking Fun


Ruby's love life takes her to places she never thought possible...

Ruby and Ash had enjoyed HOT STEAMY ACTION for months, especially with the THROBBING MASSES BETWEEN THEIR LEGS, but Ruby had slowly become bored over time. Even with her DELICATE TOUCH, Ash needed to find something else to help her lover. One day, Ash gave Ruby a pill that is sure to BRING BACK THE SPARK in their bedroom. As they MAKE LOVE once more, Ruby realized the world is changing around her... She's shrinking!! This opens up many new opportunities for the two, being able to EXPLORE EACH OTHER'S BODIES in new ways, as well as COMPLETELY GOING INSIDE and COMING OUT WITH A SURGE.

This 7000 world erotica short contains Futa-On-Futa, masturbation, shrinking, genital vore/unbirth. And is sure to leave you hot and wanting more!!


At the moment Ash thought she shouldn’t be inside of her shrinking lover for much longer, a powerful orgasm swept through Ruby’s pussy. It caused her lover to clamp down with such force that Ash was afraid she wouldn’t be able to pull out. Ruby was writhing on the bed with her eyes closed as the orgasm shook her to her very core, oblivious to the fact she was getting smaller.

Feeling the orgasm subside, Ash was finally able to pull herself out of Ruby. Even though her lover was becoming smaller, Ash’s cock made their entrance gape as wide as it ever had. Settling down, Ruby got a big shock when she finally opened her eyes and saw how much bigger Ash was.

Before Ruby could panic, Ash said, “Like the surprise? The pill you took is making you slowly shrink, which I’m sure you noticed with how thick my cock felt to you. And boy did you feel tight!”

Even though Ruby had only shrunk down to be 4 feet tall now, everything on her body was shrinking equally. She now knew what it was like for midgets to have sex in bed, especially with a giant hot vixen right in front of her.

After being able to take it all in and think clearly, Ruby said, “I never would have thought this could be possible. At this rate I don’t care, since I’m hornier than ever now!”

Looking down at her smaller lover, Ash added, “Sadly, you’re at the point where you’re too small for me to fuck you now. At the same time though, it opens up so many opportunities for you to do stuff to me!”

Without wasting any more time, Ash laid on her back and told Ruby to have fun. With so many options she couldn’t decide what to do first. Still being relatively human sized, she kneeled right between Ash’s legs and took hold of the now giant cock.

Ruby’s hands would normally almost fit all the way around, but now they only reached halfway. Gripping it with both hands, she started stroking it and lowered her mouth onto the head. She was barely big enough to be able to fit it into her mouth, forcing her jaw as far open as she could.

The head of Ash’s cock was the only thing that would fit inside, leaving no more room inside of Ruby’s mouth. It felt hot and throbbed as Ruby sucked on it, running her tongue around. Thinking she was small enough, she moved her tongue to its entrance and pushed inward, making it open slightly.

Ruby’s tongue attempting to enter Ash’s cock sent a wave of pleasure down through it that Ash had never felt anything like it before. While the pill was meant for Ruby to regain her desire, Ash knew she would be overwhelmed by all the new things that would be done to her. Her smaller lover was already making her moan and writhe despite only just beginning.

Ruby’s tongue was still too large to enter very far, and she had to take Ash’s fat cock out of her mouth as it became too big for her. The whole time she was gripping its length she could tell she was shrinking at a slow pace. Before she got too small, she wrapped both hands around the same spot and stroked it some.

Breaking out of her moaning frenzy, Ash said, “You look so much hotter when you’re small, maybe you should stay like that.”

Giving Ash a disapproving glance, Ruby responded, “I would love to, but it sadly wouldn’t be practical. How could I go to work like this!?”

Letting go of the throbbing mass before her, Ruby knelt down even further to try something they had rarely attempted. Making a fist and pushing it towards Ash’s entrance, it slipped inside. She always wanted to shove her fist in as far as it could go, but her hands and arms were too big to ever make it comfortable for Ash.

With perfectly sized arms now, Ruby penetrated Ash all the way to her lover’s cervix. She opened her hand which stretched Ash out more, wiggling her fingers to send waves of pleasure through her lover. Other than pumping her arm in and out, her open hand pushed upwards to find Ash’s G spot.

Ash’s eyes and mouth shot wide open, having never experienced anything focusing directly on her most sensitive spot. Her reaction signaled to Ruby that they found the right spot, who was now rubbing their hand in a circular motion. Ash had to grab on the sheets as she moaned loudly, her knuckles turning white from her strength.

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