Backseat Surprise


Taylor was tired of her life and wanted to start from scratch, catching a bus that went across the country. Part of the reason was because no one approved of the giant, hard secret between her legs. With the bus at max capacity, the young and sexy Jane had no choice but to sit in Taylor's lap for the trip. In no time at all, a thick, throbbing bulge grew in Taylor's pants as Jane bounced in her lap from the bumpy road. Fearing the worst, Taylor was completely shocked when Jane took matters into her own hands, releasing the hard and long surprise from it's tight prison. With the help of the bumpy road, they quickly go hard, rough, and unprotected in public while surrounded by people!

This quick, 3000 word erotic short contains female on shemale, riding, public sex, first time.


She kept inching her way over to me until her barely covered ass was right in my face. I was so transfixed by her body that I didn’t feel like protesting. As she angled her hips forward to take a seat, I got a quick glance of her panties.

The gravity of the situation didn’t hit me until her soft, warm ass sat down right in my lap. My legs were together while hers were spread apart, one on each side. The skirt she was wearing was completely spread out over me, meaning her cheeks were directly touching my jeans. Her warmth and presence sent a tingle into my pants, teasing my cock that slept within. She must have thought I was just a normal woman like her, as she’d probably never sit on a strange man’s lap on a bus.

“I hope I’m not too heavy!” She said, giggling after.

“Oh no, not at all. This is a fair trade for having taken up your spot with my junk.” I said.

“By the way, my name is Jane.” She said.

“I’m Taylor. Might as well get to know each other if we’re sitting like this!” I said.

The bus finally took off, luckily on smooth pavement. My cock was being obedient for the time being, but I didn’t know how long I could last before giving her quite the surprise. I kept my hands at my sides, making sure to not touch her.

“So where are you headed Taylor?” She asked me, turning her head around.

“Anywhere. I’m starting fresh. I’ll be getting off whenever I like the scenery.” I said.

“Sounds exciting! I was just visiting a friend, so now I’m headed back to my town.” She said.

Jane was quite an energetic thing. Already I could tell she would be my type of woman to date. She was cute, had divine legs, and her ass… it felt amazing in my lap. Too amazing, in fact.

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