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The book cover of "Sting (Harder)" written by erotica author Kelly Addams.

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Erotica Review of Sting (Harder)

Always on the lookout for erotica that is different than your standard fare, "Sting (Harder)" (and its prequel "Sting") focus on a subject that is extremely lacking on Smashwords. I've actually thought about writing a story similar to these, which helped me select this particular book for review.

Sting (Harder) and its prequel follow a young woman named Helen that discovers her love of pain. More specifically, the stinging kind that can linger for hours. She starts off with stinging nettles, using the plant to make the most delicate and sensitive parts of her body swell with burning desire, driving her wild. Curious to see whether other like-minded individuals existed, she posts an ad online. Within a week she gets a reply, coming from an African woman that loves much of the same kink. Helen thought she was simply going to share some stinging nettle fun with the dark beauty, but when Saffron shows up at her door step, she gets introduced to so much more.

Helen had thought she was the kinky one, but Saffron made it seem like her lifestyle was tame in comparison. She soon finds herself transforming from a girl that loves pain, to one that can't help but dish it out to someone else. Saffron quickly becomes the one to be driven wild, finding herself at the mercy of a girl she had turned into a sadistic pain giver.

The escalation of pain techniques increases at a pleasant rate. When you thought Saffron and Helen couldn't come up with something more, they ramp things up another notch. Sadly, just when everything was about to culminate into the perfect mixture of pain and pleasure, the book just ended. Their most painful technique (a wasp and its stinger), which was hinted at earlier in the book and was even on the cover, had the least amount of detail and was over in a flash. To make matters worse, the ending teases you by saying that the characters would return in the future. Maybe then we'd get to see that explosive ending?

Sting (Harder) is still an enjoyable read if you're craving something sensual and painful. The writing and editing was good. I just wished that formicophilia (the sexual desire to feel insects of all kinds crawling, biting, and stinging all over one's body) had been given a proper amount of attention.

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