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Erotica Review of Road To Recovery

"Road To Recovery" follows the period of Kylee's life where she begins to break out of her shell. She is an introvert, so much so that she stays locked up inside of her house all day everyday. Her caretaker, Megan, checks on her periodically to make sure everything is alright. Desperate for money, Kylee spends the rest of her savings on sex toys, uniforms, and her very own website so that she can make a living without having to interact with anyone. Trouble comes thanks to the cameras she installed throughout her house, causing her to learn that Megan is actually transsexual. The revelation makes Kylee open up to Megan about all the sexual fantasies and kinks she had acquired from watching countless hours of porn. Giving in to her own desires, Megan agrees to become Kylee's mistress, beginning their new sub and dom relationship.

While much of what Road To Recovery contained wasn't the kind of stuff that I go for, there were a couple other things holding it back. Even at over 13,000 words, the book felt rushed. There were a ton of various kinks and scenes, but few of them seemed all that complete. One thing that Kylee wanted was to get bred by Megan, but the book never detailed it happening in full. You only know that it did happen because she's pregnant by the end.

The writing itself could have used some improvements as well. There was a ton of dialogue, almost to the point that a single page was nothing but. Dialogue is perfectly fine, but there were sections where characters seemed to just ramble on forever. Elsewhere, there were many run-on sentences that felt like they'd never end. Even the very first sentence of the book was 88 words long!

One thing that the book did well on was the two main characters. While it did feel like Kylee and Megan jumped into kink play rather quickly, their relationship was the highlight of the story. Kylee started out as a very reclusive young woman, but by the end, all the kink and slave/mistress play helped her cope with being out in public for the very first time.

If you're a fan of all kinds of bdsm, slave play, and interracial gang bangs, Road To Recovery would be worth checking out. One thing to note is that the book contains urinating and watersports, a subject that can easily surprise you because nowhere in the description or tags does it mention such stuff.

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