Futa Brew

The book cover of "Futa Brew" written by erotica author Sabrina Suzuki.

After writing erotica for a few years now, I've decided to finally write a review on another author's book. I wanted to focus on other writers that have similar tastes as I do (namely lesbian transgender of the shemale variety), but there's limited choices due to publishing smut that isn't all that common. While browsing through Smashwords I came upon "Futa Brew" and took the plunge to see what it was all about. Sabrina Suzuki is the author, and she appears to be very new at erotica since this was her first and only book! (On Smashwords anyways.)

All 36,000 words follow an average work day at unique coffee shops that serve dairy-free creamer in the form of futanari cum. I had written a similar story to this one that focused on sandwiches and special sauce (and it's easy to figure out why it's so special!), so that was partly why this one jumped out at me. Not only do the futa girls use their addictive seed as a creamer, but flavor it as well. Special buttplug-like implants are wedged up inside their asses and press into their prostates to keep their cocks rock hard during their shift and infuse their cum with various flavors. (hopefully they're allowed breaks every 4 hours!)

The erotic parts of the book revolve around the sexual tension between coworkers, and how they deal with various types of customers. Whether its during rush hour or those quiet moments of the day, each futa struggles to keep everything professional. Luckily for them, company rules allow them to fool around however they wish among each other, but are effectively forbidden from doing most activities with patrons except for brewing their coffee. The young women jump at the opportunity to fulfill the special requests of a paying customer, like granting them a front row view of one futanari stroking the flavored cream out of another's balls into a cup. Futa Brew wasn't entirely transparent about what it actually entailed, but you can expect lesbian aspects to be the primary focus. Funnily enough, one of the male customers is named Thomas. It was almost like I was personally being given a tour of the establishment!

Despite being just over 36,000 words (which is ten times longer than most erotica!), Futa Brew leaves you desiring for more. A great portion of the 'sex' in the book simply involves a futa stroking herself to climax, or another giving them a handjob. There's nothing wrong with simple fun like that, but there is rarely any build up and their orgasm comes and goes in a flash. The few moments of actual sex were the best parts, but were only just barely more detailed than the million handjobs that preceded them.

About halfway through the book I had thought it was about to turn into something great. A mysterious customer helped two sets of futa to grow close, and we see them going home together after a long and hard day of pumping their flavored cream into cups. Just when you think some bedroom action is about to happen, the story whisks you to a coffee stand with entirely new characters to begin anew. At that point I found myself rushing through the second half, hoping to come across a scene that wasn't just more of the same.

I personally felt that the author missed some great opportunities. Although the girls working at the Futa Brew coffee shop were forbidden from fooling around with customers, there still could have been a scene where a worker simply could not resist letting a patron suck the flavored cream right out of their fat and throbbing cocks out of sight from her manager. It just felt like the author was held back from the rules they had made themselves. The closest any of the futanari women got to any customer was when one female caught some flavored cream on her face. But only just barely.

With all of this in consideration, there's nothing objectively bad about Futa Brew. Its length and price is perfect for any erotica readers that are heavily interested in handjobs and rapid fire climaxes. Quantity over quality essentially. The writing and characterization was nice, presenting us with a diverse cast of young futanari women.

If you are interested in checking out Futa Brew, you can read more about it and purchase it over at Smashwords.

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