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These erotic short stories by Thomas Pike are all available on Amazon, and if you have their Kindle Unlimited service, you can download as many as you want while subscribed!

Exploding Out Of Her Panties

A sexy shemale with a peculiar condition struggles to fit into society because anytime she grows aroused, she has to unload her pants before they blow!

Soaking Wet Shemale

Trapped outside in the rain, a sexy shemale rushes her drenched body over to her neighbor’s house. Once she’s inside, the hot MILF within won’t be the only one getting a surprise.

Filling Her With Warmth

Unable to warm her freezing friend, a sexy shemale decided to slip her hot, throbbing secret deep inside of them to leave a warm deposit!

Shemale Road Head

A sexy shemale gets the surprise of her life when her best friend decides to open her bulging pants while driving down the freeway!

Tentacles Sucking Shemale Dry

While taking a shower, a sexy shemale gets the surprise of her life when thick, slimy tentacles emerge from the drain and tend to every inch of her body.