Thomas Pike Erotica Catalog

Woman hugging the head of a white horse.

Horse Cock Breeding Serum

Julie and her mother are in a race against the clock to find a solution to the dwindling horse population. The older woman cooks up a serum that her daughter gladly tries out. As her body heats up and her jeans grow tight, Julie is shocked when a massive horse cock explodes out of her pants. She can’t wait to use it to breed every mare in sight, hoping it’s the answer to fix the crisis.

Woman holding black dog by the leash.

Shemale Amputee Getting Her Ass Knotted

After experiencing a terrible accident, a sexy shemale loses her arms! Months after, her family gets her a trained dog named Duke that is experienced being with amputees like her. One day while helping her get dressed, Duke takes an interest in her giant cock. After his curiosity is satiated, she gets a very big and hard surprise when he decides to show her just how thick his knot can become!

Woman wearing lingerie seductively sitting on bed.

Shemale Mother Daughter Lesbian Incest – Quickies #1

These 4 very quick and steamy erotic shorts are sure to satisfy your every shemale mother daughter lesbian incest desires! Whether it’s in bed, a hot tub, or a shower, these sexy older women and hot younger girls just can’t help but stuff their giant cocks deep inside of each other’s tight holes! Contains ‘A Morning Stroke’, ‘Mommy’s Morning Wood’, ‘Hot Wet Ride’ and ‘Big Shower Surprise’.

Woman wearing underwear in dark room with serious look on her face.

Shemale Dickgirl Taboo Collection 3

If you love taboo shemale action, then these 7 books are sure to satisfy your desires! Whether that’s shemales fucking horses, dickgirls breeding their mothers and sisters, or just transgender women that can’t help but rape sleeping family members!

Woman wearing bra smiling at camera.

Shemale Surprising Her Showering Sister

Hannah was in the middle of enjoying a nice, warm shower when her older sexy shemale sister Nicole suddenly slips inside to join her! The stall was very cramped, forcing them to press into each other’s soaking wet bodies. At first it was just a playful and awkward shower, but then Nicole’s cock becomes hard and thick. Will Hannah be able to resist taking her sister deep into her wet, aching pussy?

White horse in grassy field standing on hind legs.

Shemale Centaur Mated By A Unicorn

A sexy shemale centaur finds herself caught in a wolf ambush while out enjoying the forest. Just when things were looking bleak, a white, majestic savior out in the distance comes to her aid. Despite not being a normal mare, that doesn’t stop the strong and protective horned stallion from wanting to mate with her. Will the unicorn’s magic be strong enough to give her the foal she’s always wanted?

Two sexy women wearing underwear embracing each other.

Double Teamed By Her Twin Shemale Cousins

Andrea hated camping. Luckily, her favorite twin cousins Taylor and Jasmine joined her on the family trip. She hadn’t seen them since they transitioned into sexy shemales, and they couldn’t wait to show her their hard, throbbing cocks. Once nighttime came around, clothes get stripped and the air starts heating up. Will Andrea be able to survive their lust without being bred by their fertile cum?

Shemale Pounding Her Pregnant Lactating Mother

Bailey was a sexy shemale who got stuck at home taking care of her heavily pregnant mother. When the older woman’s milk-laden mounds start to leak heavily, the girl offers to help relieve the pressure that had been building within them. Will Bailey be satiated once her belly is full of her mother’s sweet cream, or will she beg to fuck her mommy’s body and pump her full of hot and fertile seed?

Shemale Mother Raping Her Sleeping Daughter’s Virgin Pussy

A sexy shemale MILF cannot resist her hot virgin daughter once the girl finally becomes barely legal. The older woman creeps into Megan’s bedroom one night while the innocent girl is sleeping peacefully. It starts off with sensual fondlings and putting her fat, dripping cock into Megan’s drooling mouth. Will she be able to breed her virgin daughter’s tight, slick pussy without being noticed?